Sunday, 28 December 2014

So, Where's the Snow Fairy?

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

We had been warned that there was a load of snow heading our way. Old Two Legs said there was a 'Yellow Warning' from the weather people and that we could be skiing along the Sea Wall!

What did we get this morning?


Not much frost here!
It was cold and windy as well, so that means it was even colder!

Mind you, it did make a good sunrise 'cos the air was all clean and bright. OTL's sunrise over Sheerness looked rather good today!

Not Bad, Not Brilliant, Just, Not Bad!
Holly and I had our 'Flying Coats' on but we still needed a run up and down the beach to warm up!

Of course, the ferrets were playing around on the rocks. Miss Snowflake suggested a game of 'Hide-N-Seek' but because she uses her tail to balance we could see her all the time 'cos it was standing up above the rocks and waving from side to side!

Bet you can't see me now!
In the end it was getting too cold to do any paddling in the water so we headed back home, in fact we had a race back to the car but because Holly and I wanted to stop for sniffs, the ferrets were first back!

Come on Snowy, she's getting ahead of us!
Back home we enjoyed some lambs heart and then went off for a snooze!

Lunchtime we had to drag OTL from out of his comfortable chair, he was half way through watching a DVD and going out for a walk was the last thing he had on his mind!

That was until I arrived on his lap!

So, with the DVD on Pause, off we went!

The first thing we did was to meet up with Sid The Seagull, or Super Sid as he now wants to be known as!

He came flying over us and called out that he had been away in Essex visiting his relatives over Christmas but will be back for the New Year!

Sid doing a Fly Past!
Holly was most impressed with Sid's flying and she tried to copy him as she ran along the Sea Wall!

Holly, doing a Super Sid!
Sid called back that she was doing well and soon would take off! That pleased Holly 'cos she had always admired Sid's flying!

I spotted a Redshank doing a dance on the mud but as he said, 'No, not dancing, just trying to fool the crustaceans that the tides come in!'

Well, it still looks like dancing in mud!
Then after all that we were off home 'cos it was cold, and the wind made it colder!

What was worse, we had decided not to put on our Flying Jackets!

Back home Holly and I had a snooze on the sofa while OTL finished his DVD!

I'm not sure what OTL has for dinner tonight, more than likely some cold meats and pickles. Well you can keep the pickles and stuff but the cold meats go down well!

See you tomorrow!

Oh, by the way, Snowflake says thank you very much to everyone who sent her the birthday cards and kind wishes on her birthday.


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.