Monday, 11 November 2013

Mr Brambles didn't bite the vet!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

Wot a damp, cloudy, wet and Yucky Day today! It is a sure sign that Winter is on it's way!

We were all out this morning on our run along the Sea Wall. Mr Brambles was having great fun winding Old Two Legs up. You see, what Mr Brambles does is to have a wriggle in OTL's arm so he puts Mr Brambles down, then Mr B turns around and makes like he is going to run back down the path. At the moment OTL grabs the lead to stop him, Mr B raises his tail like he is going to do a poo, but he doesn't, instead he walks backwards in the direction OTL wants to go. As soon as OTL starts walking in that direction, Mr B runs back down the path, the way we had come!

Mr Brambles thinks it is great fun, OTL doesn't!

It was still early when we got down to the beach, OTL wanted to get the morning walk over with early 'cos Mr Brambles had an appointment with the vet this morning!

The sun had got up and was over the horizon by the time we got to the beach, we would have been earlier but Mr Brambles was busy playing his game with OTL!

Now, today we have decided that our pictures should have a musical theme, so here's the first one!

Morning Has broken, over Sheerness!
Come on, you have got to join in the chorus!

I had some fun digging a hole on the beach, the sand was flying everywhere, that was until Snowflake came running up and said.........

Hey! You! Get Outta My Hole!
Yeh! Come on, sing the next line!

Mr Brambles was digging and exploring all over the beach, on top of that he was also getting his lead caught around OTL's legs!

Then he headed for the rocks and started to climb all over them, until he stubbed his claw then it was..........

A Rocky Mountain Breakdown!
OK, we'll let you off this one 'cos it is an instrumental on the banjo!

All the time Holly had been down the other end of the beach doing her sniffin' and poking about amongst the sea weed. Hey! says Snowflake, who is that down there? Is it a.....................

Stranger on the Shore
Bet you can't remember the words!

By then Snowflake had rushed off to catch up with Mr Brambles, that left me and my hole all to myself and......................

There I was, digging this hole, hole in the ground, so nice and sorta round!
You may remember this one, OTL does!

On the way back to the car the ferrets were having fun diving in and out of the long grass but Holly and I preferred the short grass, that way it didn't get our tummies wet and it felt more like..................

The Green, Green Grass of Home!
Yes, They'll all come to meet me................

OK, that's enough of that!

You will be pleased to know that Mr Brambles got the 'All Clear' from the vet who did the inspection.

Because we had come straight from our walk, Snowflake was in the travelling cage as well.

That vet didn't put his hand inside to drag Mr Brambles out, he waited until OTL had called Mr B out.

Snowflake was most disappointed, especially as she had been sharpening her teeth with a honing stone, just to make them extra sharp for the vet!

While we were there, OTL put us on the weighing machine and we hadn't gained any more weight since being weighed before!

It's all that hard work snoozing on the sofa that keeps us in trim!

Not sure what OTL has tonight but it sniffs like curry, so that means no serious mugging for us, we will have to wait for the shortbread later!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.