Sunday, 21 May 2017

Sunday Fun!

Hi Woofers!

A Very Merry Sunday to you from Daisy, Holly, Miss May. Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret!

Just for a change, the weekend hasn't been too bad weather wise. That has enabled the ferrets to have a dig in the sand. Miss Wendy had a great time doing a 'Holly Dig' with her nose! 

I love 'Trenching!'
 While Fred and Wendy had fun I decided to go in for a dip 'cos the tide was almost all the way in!

A Deep Dip is so much fun!
 Holly was doing wot Holly does best, laying on the beach catching the rays! She has learnt a trick or two from yesterday, today she dug a quick trench by her tail so that if any ferret tried to sneak up, they would fall in!

I feel a lot safer than yesterday!
 Lunchtime it was rather warm and sunny, around 21 degrees so OTL decided that it would be best to leave Eric and May asleep in their bed 'cos it was too hot for them to go running about and a hot ferret is not safe!

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 When we got down to the car park it was stuffed full of visitors! We headed around to the overflow car park and just for a change, we headed over the Fort Hill and down to the beach.

Problem was, there was loads of Two Legs on a 'Walking Visit' to all the interesting bits along the Sea Wall.
Pay attention at the back!
We left them to it and headed down to the beach. The tide was out so we had a run along the beach digging a hole here and there!

We spotted a yacht sailing along just off the mud banks, he was rather close to the bank but he turned, right at the last moment!

He had better turn soon or it's muddy trubble!
 As we didn't have the ferrets with us Old Two Legs had time to look at the plant life. He spotted some Cuckoo Spit. Holly fell for it 'cos she asked where the cuckoos were!

It's caused by the sap-sucking Froghopper Nymphs who have made a home in the froth! 
 We saw a couple of butterflies but they didn't hang about to have their photo taken, so OTL had to put up with the flowers that had bloomed!

Well, it's a sort of Daisy, just like me!
 We went down to the Sea Wall by another route and I saw some fluff on one of the plants. Not like the Cuckoo Spit, more like fluffy hair!

It looks like Woofer Hair!
 OTL reckons it was where someone had brushed their woofer and tossed the hair from the brush up in the air to float onto the flowers so the birds can collect it for their nests!

Clever eh?

As we turned the corner to head back to the car, all those visitors were marching down the hill!

OTL, Holly and I got out of their way 'cos they didn't look like they were going to stop!
Left Right, Left Right, keep up at the back!
 As we headed off on a side path OTL saw there were a family sitting around our table and they had put a table cloth over it!

Some picnic!

Can't we go over there and pinch a sausage or two?
When we got back home there was a bowl of Chicken waiting for us so it was 'Nose down, Tail up' and don't come up until it's gone!

Now, Suzy Chops was getting worried about OTL's telescope, well, it's arriving on Tuesday and we reckon it's going to take a week before he has assembled it, let alone looked through the thing to see any stars!

That's if the clouds clear away!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May. Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.