Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Back to Work again

Yo Woofer Mates!

Daisy & Holly here again!

We've had a very busy day today. The Missus has gone off to baby sit The Boys, sorry, Child Mind, The Boys. Half Term Holiday and all that! So we are here helping Old Two Legs get all his work done. On his desk is a big pile of paper that he has to do things with and then hide in draws and after many years, he puts it all in the paper shredder.

Why he doesn't do that in the first place I really don't know, it would save a lot of shelf space in the cupboard!

We started off with our normal walk and 'after walk snooze', you know, it can really set you up for the day having a snooze after waking up from the night time snooze!
We left OTL playing with the papers while we snoozed!

After Get Up Snooze.
After a while we were woken by the smell of OTL making tea, and, you know what goes with tea? Yes, biscuits! In fact Cookies! We always mug OTL for a bit of his biscuit, before he dips it in his tea!

After that it was a run down to the post and off to The Farm for a run and chase after the rabbits and foxes.

Well we didn't see any foxes and all we saw of the rabbits was a pile of poo. So we had a chew but OTL shoo'ed us away before more that just a nibble. He really is a spoil sport sometimes!

Holly found a pile of logs and pretended she was a Lumberjack and ran around shouting Timber!
Holly the Lumberjack

We ran up and down the hills, it was great fun and when I was running down the hill I found that I could jump up in the air and travel twice the distance I can on the flat, flying or wot!

I'm Flying!
On the way back we met up with a youngster that was only a few months old, a real cuddly puppy that had a drink from our water bowl when we got back to the car. You just don't know how welcome that drink is in this hot weather!

Hello young lad!
Tomorrow OTL says we will see The Boys when we go down to the New Park, we hope so, well they can run a little faster that OTL!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly

Bank Holiday Monday Fun

Hello all you Woofers,

A Happy Bank Holiday to you all!

We've been busy little puppies today, loads of running about and helping Old Two Legs and exploring new places!

First of all, we got up early and after our walk with The Missus across the fields we helped OTL load up the car with even more rubbish that was destined for the rubbish tip. Including the Clothes Iron that TM set alight the other day!

When we finished,OTL said we were going to a new place, a place we had not been to before!

We sat up front of the car and watched all the signs as we got closer, it was a place called Teston Country Park, down by the river Medway.

When we got there we had a super run about in the field by the car park, you know OTL had to pay loads of money just to park the car there while we went for a wander! He was muttering things about robbers and crooks!

Teston Bridge over the River Medway
We started off by going down river, but had to turn back 'cos in the field were a load of Heifers that looked like they could tread on us puppies, so we turned around and went up stream past the boat lock.

We pulled faces at some swans that were swimming near the pontoon and they hissed at us, you know I thought that Mute Swans didn't make any noise!

A Hissing Cobb!
Holly blew a couple of raspberries and we ran off, straight into the paws of Peter, a funny looking Labrador who was the same age as us, eighteen months but he was three times our size!

Hello Peter!
We said hello and had a sniff, then we wandered off along the bank again.

When we got back to the field we had a little rest and for fun, Holly jumped onto the table and told OTL to fetch her chicken strips, well, it was worth a try!

Fetch me my Lunch!
On the way home we dropped into the Riverside Park and OTL got us to sit still while he took a photo of us both. Not the best photo we've seen but worth putting on the blog!

Back to work again tomorrow, I suppose that means we have to catch up on missed sleep, what with all this running about we've been doing!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly

Monday, 30 May 2011

Sunday Fun

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again.

We've been out with Old Two Legs this morning, walking over the fields, reading the notice board, seeing who has been up there lately.

By the time we'd got half way along the path, we've done all our business and filled OTL's little black plastic bags!

We decided that we wanted to have a look around above the Rape and Linseed plants. So, I did my normal, 'Two Front Paws in the Back of OTL's Knee' trick and he stopped to find out what I wanted. He crouched down and I put my paws up on his leg to show I wanted to be picked up. Holly, having enjoyed a shoulder carry when we were on holiday, had her front paws on his other leg.

Well, to cut a long story short, we were both up on OTL's shoulders looking at the world from six feet two inches above ground. OTL walked a little way but then stopped and slowly turned around in a circle three times so we can see what there is across the fields.

Sunday morning there were no dog walkers or horse riders just birds. In fact there were several skylarks and some gulls, a few crows, loads of sparrows in the bushes and a couple of Chaffinches having a fight!

Back home we got a good brush and snooze, Holly got the prime position on the bed, as usual!

Prime Position for a Snoozett!
 While OTL did some of his chores we had our early morning snooze.

You know the chore list is so long and OTL says he's got more interesting things to do, like taking us for adventures and bird watching and photographing interesting things and drinking whisky and going on holiday, he just doesn't know when he'll have time for all the chores!

One thing we did have time for and that was the F1 racing, it was an exciting race and afterwards Holly and I raced around the garden and the lounge pretending to be Jenson Button and Sebastian Vettel, stopping only for pit stops and when The Missus shouted at us, we called that the Safety Car 'cos it didn't last for long!

We went out for a run afterwards down the Sea Wall and had fun picking out the sniffs that were blowing in from the town.

We smell Hot Dogs!
 We spotted a fisherman who was looking for his worms, you know, the one he has taught to swim, by the way he was digging we reckon that the worm has escaped!

Looking for his pet worm!
We had a laugh at him and headed for home where The Missus should be preparing dinner, chicken or liver or lamb but not dog food, we hope!

See you all tomorrow, it's Bank Holiday so we are expecting OTL to take us out on an adventure, maybe to Canterbury for a run around The Marsh!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy (Button) & Holly (Vettel)
Brrrm!  Brrrm!

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Saturday down on The Farm

Hello All,

We're here again!

It's been a fun day today, we've been helping Old Two Legs take a load of stuff down the council dump and of course after the visit, what was near? Yes, it's The Farm!

We got all excited and couldn't wait to get out the car, we started woofing and scrabbling to get out. Somehow I managed to dial home on the car telephone and we got OLT saying no one was in and leave a message, so we did, we all blew raspberries!

Finally we all fell out of the car and raced off to the woods.

To the Woods!
There were great sniffs and Holly reckons she found a Badgers scent wafting through the bushes but we couldn't find the badger anywhere and we both had a very long look, in fact so long that OTL was getting all steamed up, jumping up and down and whistling for us, Gawd! It really spoils the fun of the chase when he calls us back!

Back from 'The Chase'!
So, this time we didn't get lost 'cos OTL is keeping is eye on us!

When we turned right to go over a railway bridge, he called us back! He's getting just too bossy!
A Bridge Too Far
We ran off down the hill and bumped into a couple of walkers who were climbing up the path, Holly woofed and I joined, just to help her out, then we ran past them and rushed off laughing!

Woofing at the Walkers
Well, we laughed all the way back to the car.

Laughing on the way back!

Then we sang songs in the car, all the way back home, and on the way I called The Missus on the car phone to let her know we were on our way and to get dinner ready!

She said I was a 'Bossy Little Puppy' and she was going to sell us to the Dogs Home for tuppence when I got home.

I didn't believe her, well, who as going to wake her up in the morning if we're not there?

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly (Badger Hunter & Chief Raspberry Blower!)

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Fire! Fire! Fire!

Hi Fans,

Daisy & Holly here with you again.

Today we started off with some fun.

After our walk and a brush we decided to creep off to Old Two Legs office for our normal 'after get up snooze'. We had just got our heads down and were drifting off into that soft dreamy world that occurs before 'real' sleep sets in when we heard The Missus shouting out for OTL.

Fire! FIRE! Fire!!!!

Well, OTL went down stairs at a good gallop, followed by Holly and me but not getting too close in case we got caught up in the inferno that was developing.

What we found was TM standing next to the clothes iron which was smoking like an old factory chimney!

OTL grabbed the iron and headed for the kitchen door. Once out in the garden he put it down and put a plastic bucket under the tap, turned the tap on and started to fill the bucket.

The iron was still simmering nicely, smoke still exiting all the 'steam holes', by now the bucket was getting full so OTL picked up the iron and dropped it into the bucket, with the water still pouring over the iron.

Well, the iron did not like this and started to hiss and spit steamy water all over the place, so we all backed off and let it get on with it!

Hot & Steamy!
OTL saves the day again, but he has now got to buy a new iron for TM and that will hurt!

Holly says that TM set light to the iron because she didn't want to do any ironing today and would rather sit watching the motor racing and making cards, but I wouldn't be so cynical!

Or, maybe I would, that TM is so sneaky!

OTL had to deliver some work stuff so we all went out with him, there was Holly and me and TM!

We went out so we can get a walk in the New Park but we were not sure why TM came with us!

First of all we had a sniff then we got down to the Tee Pee and went inside but there was a lot of noise outside and Holly said that it was the Indians coming back for lunch, so we had a look outside but didn't see them, so, while they were still over the hill, we got out, fast!
What's that Noise?
 Next we went down to the swimming hole and as there was no one there, we had a little paddle, Holly said she saw a fish swim in front of her but I think she was telling porkies!

It was a Big Fish, honest!
We had a little splash around and we both got wet tummies, then Holly asked 'The Question'

Here, she said, you know other dogs play in here, yes, says I, well, she says,

'Do you think they wee in here?'


Well we didn't hang about and were out and running around to get dry in no time!

After the walk we found out why TM was with us, she got OTL to buy another electric steam iron, wonder how long before she blows it up!

While we were there, we happened to notice that the Doggy Shop was just next door!

Well, that was a good thing, 'cos we dragged OTL in and took him up to the Bone Counter, yep, OTL fell for it and out we came with a bag of bones and some chicken strips!

We saw some live rabbits in a plastic sort of box room, with all their toys and food and water, Holly wanted OTL to buy a couple for dinner tonight but he said they weren't for eating!

We are set for this evening, OTL with his shortbread and whisky and us with our bones and chicken strips!

This is how the weekend should start!

See you tomorrow.

Daisy & Holly (all wee'd out!)

Friday, 27 May 2011

Thunder Clouds Today!

Hello Again,

Daisy & Holly back with you.

First of all a Big Happy Birthday to Ian (he's one of The Cat People), he's getting seriously old you know,  all of forty three years, now that is very very old!

Me and Holly have been following Old Two Legs around the house today 'cos we saw what he had to deliver and we knew he would be going out in the big car. First of all he took us out at lunch time but it was only around the football field. It's ok but there are no foxes or squirrels or greasy badgers lurking around every tree!

We mugged him for a bit of his sandwich at lunch time and had a little snooze, in his office, blocking the door, so, if he wanted to go out he had to move us!

Sneaky or wot?

Then it happened, he grabbed the parcels and letters and other stuff. Then he picked up his camera and our lead, that's it, we're off for a long walk, after the delivery stuff.

It wasn't too long before we arrived at The Farm, we haven't been here for a little while, so that means some more new sniffs!

New Sniffs!
 Then when we went through the Trees, there were more new sniffs!
Even More New Sniffs!
I got all excited and dashed of into the trees chasing a new sniff that turned into Pheasant that was running through the bushes!

When I stopped I could just hear OTL calling and whistling, which was just as well 'cos I didn't want to loose him and Holly so soon into the walk!

Before long we were crossing the field of corn and there were foxy sniffs there and I even got to roll in something foxy, before OTL got all 'Showy Off' and made me get up, Spoil Sport!

Sniffin' in the Corn for Foxy Sniffs!
The wind was getting up and OTL said that we were going to get some rain before the day was out, he could see rain clouds in the distance.

On the way back to the car he took some pictures of the Poppies that grow in the fields, trouble was, the wind was blowing all the petals around, so everything was blured!

He did manage one that looked OK, sort of life cycle of a poppy, except for the end bit, when it falls over!
Poppy in the Making
All the way home we kept seeing thunder clouds and rain falling down from the clouds and when we got near home we stopped and OTL took a Panoramic Photo, (in fact, it is four that he stitched together on his computer). If you click on the picture you can drag it from side to side to see the clouds close up.

Thunder Clouds over Southend on Sea

 When we got back home there was lightening and thunder crashing in the sky, so Holly, not liking all this noise, stayed with OTL in his office and sat cuddled up to him on his lap.

There are times when she can be such a big wimp!

Me? I just cuddled up with The Missus down stairs, watching the television, 'cos I knew that she was going to give us chicken for diner tonight and I wanted to be first in the bowl, for a change!

Holly soon forgot about the thunder when she got called down for dinner though and we both got our bowls at the same time!

Well, that's all for today, we are off to bed now 'cos tomorrow is Friday and OTL finishes early on a Friday so that we can have an adventure to set us up for the weekend!

We'll see you all again, tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly

Thursday, 26 May 2011

A day without Old Two Legs

Hi Fans!

D&H back again.

A big WOOF to Jasper and Jacki.

Jasper has not been too well, got a sore ear and had to visit the vet, a scary place that is!

Seems the drops for his ear has changed him a little, he now thinks he's a cat, we know this 'cos he ate the cat food AND even ripped open his own food packets.

Holly reckons he'll be OK after his ear clears up, especially if he gets enough food, but if he starts to lick his bottom and wash behind his ears, then he'll have to be taken to the vets again!

We have been lazy puppies today, OTL had to go out to work and we could not go with him, he said it would be too hot in the car and we would not be able to run around.

So we had to stay with The Missus.

Holly and I were in the garden for most of the time, catching up on our sun tan. Holly reckons it will be better after we've had our hair cut and for once I agree with her!

A good head of fur is OK when the wind blows or it gets cold but on a hot sunny day we could do with a little less!

We are going to get OTL to book us in for another trim just before we go away on summer holiday, well, we have got to look our best for the hols!

This evening we had chicken and now we both have got very full tummies, in fact it is a real effort to get off the bed where we are resting while writing this blog!

Tomorrow we may get to go down to the farm again, providing OTL has done his work and has stuff for the carriers.

So,with a bit of luck we should have some photos for you!

Get well soon Jasper!

Bye for now,


Daisy & Holly (Full Tummy)!

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Hi Woofers,

D&H Back again!

The wind had dropped this morning, it was still a breeze but no where near as strong as yesterday.

Talking of yesterday, we got home and our paws were covered in dried river mud, so Old Two Legs brushed it clean last night, or so we thought. This morning we had our normal brush and there were still clumps of dried mud, but on our tummy fur. OTL brushing away was pulling on the hair every time he brushed and it made both of us jump!

So in the end he had to crush the lumps with his fingers and then brush us.

They are pretty useful those fingers sometimes, but I'd rather stick with my claws, they are much better for digging!

We had a super game of 'chase' around the house and garden, at almost full speed, in and out of the chairs, up and down the stairs, behind the sofa and out through the kitchen door, around the back of the shed, loop around the bird bath, over the rockery and back into the kitchen and off again for lap two!

I pretended to be Jenson Button and Holly was Lewis Hamilton.

OTL & The Missus were laughing at us as we ran past, it was a good, mad ten minutes. Well after that we just curled up on the bed for our 'after breakfast snooze'!

We went over to see The Boys but there was only Matt there as Tom has gone off to an 'Adventure Course'  set up by his school, swinging around on ropes and stuff. Looks scarry!

The garden was in the middle of being re designed, well they have cleared all the old trees and bushes away so there is nowhere to hide!

Holly had found a chew she had buried a long time ago and was having a gnaw, so, I went down the garden and did my 'Chase Me' pose, you know, resting on elbows with bottom and tail in the air.

At first Holly took no notice, so I did it again and again. In the end Holly came chasing after me. I shot past her and grabbed the chew and ran off with it.

She was livid!

I got chased around the garden for at least ten minutes, ducking, dodging and diving but with no bushes or trees, there was nowhere I could hide.

So, in the end I let her have it back and every time I went near to her she would start her 'Grumbly' warning for me to keep away from her chew!

It didn't taste that good anyway!

Sorry but we have no photos to show you TM forgot to take her camera with her, she's getting old and forgetful, I suppose that is caused by making too many cards and not getting enough fresh air!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy &  (Grumbly) Holly

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

First Day Back at work.

Hello all,

We're here again!

What a day we've had, The Missus has been busy feeding clothes into a washing machine and Old Two Legs has been wading through loads of stuff he should have done when he was on holiday,but he couldn't, if you see what I mean!

We've been good little puppies and have been helping as much as we can.

When we think OTL is getting worn out, we get a toy from our toy box and make him play a game with us, it helps to have fun!

We chase after TM and jump up and lick her ear when she is sitting on the sofa, that gets her in a good mood, providing we haven't got muddy paws!

OTL took us down to the Riverside Park where we had a run and a sniff. We had to keep our noses to the ground 'cos the wind was strong and kept blowing the sniffs away!

We had a run on the shingle beach, but it was nowhere near as good as the beach in Norfolk.

Trying out the Pebbles for speed!

So, when we got back to the grassy park bit, we had a run around there, again not as good as the beach in Norfolk but we could get up the same sort of speed!

The only trouble was, there was not enough grass! We kept on running out of room to run in a straight line, so, we ran around in circles!

Grass Track Racing!
I was really hungry this evening, you see we missed lunch 'cos we were out with OTL but when dinner arrived we were both in the bowl up to our ears!

Tomorrow we are off to see The Boys again as we haven't seen them for three weeks, TM is taking us when she goes Baby Sitting, oops! I mean Grand Child Minding.

If the weather is good we may get a run around the park with the lake. I hope Holly doesn't fall in!

See you tomorrow and I'll tell you what happened.

Bye for now.


Daisy & Holly

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Back to work tomorrow.

Sunday 22nd May

Hi All,

We've been busy puppies today, catching up on the blog, chasing the local cats who think they can set up house in our garden!

Woofing at the birds on the feeders.

Then there was the walk down The Forest, (not the same as Norfolk), very few squirrels but loads of birds!

Tomorrow we are back to work, Old Two Legs has a pile of paper to work on. The Missus has several machine loads of washing, and us, well we have got to make sure that everything goes as planned, breakfast followed by second breakfast and a snooze. Then there is lunch and a walk followed by a small soozett, just before going out for our afternoon walk before a tea time snack and a quick snooze before dinner and a nap afterwards before settling down to a proper nights sleep.

So, you see, we really are very busy puppies, no time for slacking!

See you again soon,


Daisy & Holly

Going Home!

21st May

Hello all!

Daisy & Holly are Home!

After getting up and going for a walk in the forest with The Missus, we got back to see Old Two Legs taking the awning down and brushing all the leaves and twigs of the caravan, a sure sign we were on the move!

As we were going, this is the last chance I have to catch one of those Sneaky Squirrels.

Every morning I have sat in the caravan and watched those squirrels sitting out side on the grass, pulling faces at Holly and me. So, this morning I'm going to have a 'chat' with one or two of them!

Well that was the idea, but, as soon as I had sneaked out of the caravan and run like the clappers towards the squirrel, it shot up the trunk of the tree and sat there chattering at me in 'squirrel', I suppose it was load of 'Not Very Nice' language but as I don't know how to speak 'Squirrel', I didn't understand!

We'll be back and watch out next time, I'll be getting a full camouflage outfit and super fast running shoes!

OTL took a last look around a local wetland and came back with a picture of a Black Tailed Godwit, Holly still wants to know if it tastes like chicken!
Black Tailed Godwit#1
Black Tailed Godwit#2
The journey back didn't take too long, in fact the unloading of the caravan took longer than the journey!

We got an early night 'cos we were tired little puppies, but that didn't stop us mugging OTL for a bit of his shortbread that he had with his slurp of malt whisky.

See you tomorrow and we hope you liked some of the photo's of us on holiday!

Bye for now,


Daisy & Holly

Holly is beaten by The Beach!

20th May

Yo Ho Woofers,

Here we are again and back with another day of fun!

First of all we went for a walk with The Missus in the forest and she was told by a local that he'd seen Nightjar up in the top fields, so Old Two Legs has plans to go up there tonight and have a look!

Before that we had a day on the beach to look forward too.

Off we went good and early, the sun was shining and the white fluffy clouds were not even blocking the sun.

We got to Titchwell Marsh around ten and went straight down to the beach. Now, it's a 1km walk from the car park to the beach but we were ready for some fun as soon as we hit the sand. Off we went like a couple of rockets, charging about, play fighting, rolling in smelly things we found and also digging holes!

Sharing a hole with my Sister!
We went for about one and a half kilometres along the beach, playing in the dunes and hiding from OTL. As he came past we'd run down the dune woofing at him and kicking up the sand!

We also met Sandy, a Bichon Frise, King Charles cross, we had a run and chase before saying good bye.

Another BF Cross!
We found a dead bird on the beach, OTL says it was a Gannet and it was a long time dead, it also had a funny smell!

We stopped for a picnic on the beach and OTL sat on an old tree branch that had been washed up by the sea. Holly and I had our drink and a nibble and while OTL was eating his sandwich, we dug a hole in the sand under his legs, the tree trunk sort of slid down the hole and OTL went all wobbly!

On the way back, there was the 1km walk down the path to the car and Holly was getting a little worn out, so, when OTL stopped to have a look at the birds, she went up to him, sat down by the side of him and scratched his leg with her paw. OTL got the message and picked her up and carried her on his shoulder all the way back to the car. On the way back there we had a lot of people comment on Holly being carried and how worn out she looked!

She was sitting on the haversack OTL carried his camera gear and her front paws were resting on his shoulder!

She ain't Heavy, She's my Puppy!
This was taken as we passed the 'Visitors Centre', I was wondering what the lady was saying!

Well, we slept for most of the way back and after good brush to get the sand out of our fur we had another snoozett before eating our dinner, followed by another snoozett!

It has been a super day and a super two weeks, the only thing we are not looking forward to, is going home tomorrow, but it won't be too long before we are off to the Isle of Mull for our summer holiday, a whole three weeks!

Just can't wait for that!

Bye bye for now and see you all tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly

More Ticks!

19th May

Hi Woofers!

D&H back with you and have we had a day of it today!

First of all, Old Two Legs was sitting in bed this morning when he noticed Holly rubbing her muzzle, so, he had a look and found a Tick on the side of her cheek, so he called for his operating tools and removed it. Then he had a closer look all over Holly and found another three, two on the face and one on her shoulder.

So there she was cuddled up to OTL and being de-Ticked!

And that was all before breakfast!

The sun was shining, so OTL suggested we go back to Titchwell Marsh again and this time The Missus could take us two down to the beach while OTL took some snaps and did some bird watching.

A very good idea that!

 When Holly and I got to the beach, the tide was right out and so we had loads of sand to run on and dig in and roll on and chase each other all over the place. I even found some water that I could have a lay down in and cool off a little.

The best bit was the hole digging, Holly and I had competitions to see how big and how deep we could dig and how far we could throw the sand and TM was the judge and said that we were both the same so we were both winners!

Digging for Victory
 OTL took some snaps of a Greylag goose having a clean up and an Avocet hunting for food. He also got some (fuzzy) snaps of a Temminick's Stint, which is rather rare and there were loads of people looking at the birds through telescopes.

 OTL took this of a Greylag goose, not bad, he must be getting better!
A Wash & Brush up!
 After our day there we headed back home to the caravan and we slept most of the way back, we were worn out!

OTL gave us another good brush and inspected us for Ticks again, (none found) but we stood very still while he searched all around our face and ears, and we didn't struggle or fidget (too much) 'cos we don't like the Ticks.

OTL reckons that these Ticks are from the deer that roam the forest, the Ticks are not as big as the ones I got from the sheep last year, but the are just as bigger nuisance and we are better off without them!

It's another early night I think, we are almost looking forward to getting home again so we can have a rest!

But not really!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly

Holkham National Nature Reserve and a Wren

18th May

Hello Fans!

Daisy & Holly here once more.

We went out with Old Two Legs again today and had a very long walk!

He found a place called Holkham National Nature Reserve. Now looking at the map, it had a very long and wide beach, so, we were looking forward to another hole digging day!

First of all,when we got there we found that there was a charge for parking the car, £5 for all day or £3.50 for three hours. OTL was not happy, calling them a bunch of robbers and highway men!

After he poured money into the ticket machine and got a bit of paper to stick in the window of the car, we set off for the beach.

Shock! Horror! Curses!

Big notices saying 'No Dogs Allowed On The Beach'

That was it, OTL was not a Happy Puppy, he then started to mutter things about highway robbers and unfair prejudice against against us dogs, but what was worse was he only found out about the 'No Dogs' rule, AFTER he had paid out nearly all his pocket money of the car park charge!

So, after consulting the map we discovered that there were two bird hides about two or three miles down a path behind the beach, through a load of trees, so off we went, OTL loaded up with all our stuff and his camera gear.

Well, it was a very long two miles to the first hide and by the time we got there we were all worn out and thirsty, so staying in the hide was a good idea, we had a nibble to eat and a drink of water and a look at the birds. Unfortunately, the birds were miles away across the fields and hardly visible to us puppies, so we had a snooze on the floor while OTL watched with his binoculars.

This hide had a flashy path up to it, Holly and I were running up and down just for fun!
Good for running on!
We also heard a Wren singing in the bushes outside the hide and OTL got some pictures, but the bird again was a little too far away for a good clear picture, but it was worth looking at!

Singing Wren
Holly and I went chasing into the woods looking for squirrels and I almost got lost again, it was only OTL calling and whistling that helped me find them again!

Holly found a large pond and a tree and suggested we jump from the tree and then go for a swim, but the water was all smelly and we thought OTL would complain about the smell on the way home, so we stayed out!

Let's jump from here!
Tomorrow, we are going to take The Missus to Titchwell RSPB so we can have a play on the beach while OTL does some serious bird watching!

See you tomorrow and we will tell you how we got on,


Daisy & Holly

Titchwell and a Tick!

17th May

Hello Fans!

Daisy & Holly here again.

Have we had an adventure of a day today!

First of all we had our morning walk with The Missus up in the woods and when we were charging around we spotted a red deer in front of us in the forest, so, like good little puppies we went steaming after it.

It ran off down the path and into the woods where it took a sharp left hand turn and stood still, we, being shorter and not able to see which way it went, carried on in a straight line. The deer then walked across the path behind us and carried on going into the woods!

Sneaky or wot!

Talking of sneaky, Old Two Legs promised us another run on the beach, so he took us to Titchwell RSPB site. Now as you know, RSPB have got a thing about having dogs on their reserves and normally have signs up saying 'No Dogs'!

Well this reserve had a public path leading from the road all the way through to the beach, so, OTL and us went all the way down the path to the beach and Oh Wow! It was a beach to die for!

Sand To Die For!

Happy Holly at full speed!

This Beach gets my Vote!
The sand went on for miles and the beach must have been about a quarter of a mile from the water to the top of the beach.

Holly and me ran and ran, we rolled in anything we wanted to, dug holes all over the place, then rolled in the holes as well.

OTL didn't tell us to stop and he was laughing at our games of chase and rolling around!

We had a super time and after about an hour we were both worn out and just collapsed in a heap at OTL's feet!

Lucky for us,OTL had brought our drinking bowl and some water, which we drank, and after we had finished there was more sand in our bowl from our whiskers that was on the beach, well almost!

On the way back OTL was told about a Red Neck Phalarope that had landed, so he was able to take a picture, not very clear 'cos it was too far away, but it was good enough for identification.

He also took a picture of the most ugly looking bundle of feathers that set webbed foot in the water, yep, it was a baby coot!
Baby Coot.
Holly says that it may be ugly but it's mother still loves it, which is a good thing!

As you would guess, we were so worn out by our running, we both slept all the way home!

When we got back to the caravan, we both leapt out out of the car and were supposed to run and find TM, but we saw a Sneaky Squirrel and we both chased it into the woods and up a tree!

Horror upon horror, OTL found a Tick in the fur around my nose, just clinging to my fur, so that was lucky. He said he will have to keep a close eye on us both when he brushes us!

He's good like that!

See you tomorrow,


Daisy & Holly

Caterpillars at Snettersham

16th May

Hi Woofers,

We're back again!

Today we have been out with Old Two Legs 'cos The Missus has been making a card for Christmas and it's only May!

According to OTL she needs a lot of time to think about it, but why does she have to snore so much?

Any way, we got in the car with OTL and went off to Snetersham RSPB site. Now normally RSPB has a total ban on doggies visiting their sites, but this one had some footpaths going through it and half of it belonged to the local angling club.

So, as OTL put it, we'll have a look and if we can get down the public footpath then we're OK!

When we arrived there were notices up saying 'Dogs on Leads' and 'Pick up your dog Mess' Holly said we don't make a mess when we are out with OTL and we are good puppies. OTL said what they mean was Dog Poo and Holly said that they should say poo then and not upset us doggies!

We were OK 'cos OTL has Poo Bags in every item of clothing he owns that has a pocket and he's always picking up our poo!

As OTL was getting all his gear out, we spotted a hairy little thing crawling across the camera box, so, OTL took a couple of pictures.

Hairy and Scary!

Caterpillar on a Charge!
Off we went, and we visited every hide and being good little puppies we behaved ourselves, until we got bored that is, then we had a play fight and OTL had to move onto the next hide!

No Birds, we're Bored!
 Well, when you run out of birds there's nothing else to do!

Next Hide Please!
On the way around we saw a mole cross our path and sort of 'swim' into the grass, well at first we were unsure what is was, then as it disappeared into the grass we both jumped onto where we thought it was and then we stuck our noses into the grass to find out if it was still there!

Those moles can move so very fast, I mean, it was gone in no time, almost faster that those Pesky Squirrels!

When we got back to the camp site, Holly and I jumped out of the car and raced around looking for those squirrels but they must have heard us coming and ran up into the trees!

After a busy day like today, we both plan to have an early night, after we've mugged OTL & TM for some of their dinner!

Bye for now and we will see you tomorrow.

OTL says we can got to the seaside tomorrow if it's not raining, too much!


Daisy & Holly

A day with OTL and the Nuthatch

15th May

Hello to you all,

It's us back again!

The Missus got up at two thirty and went off to her Dawn Chorus thing at Minnis Mere, we stayed in bed!

So did Old Two Legs and we all had a super snooze and stayed in bed past our normal getting up time!

We went out for our morning walk and I spotted a squirrel ahead of us on the path in the wood, so, off I went, tearing up the path so fast there was a cloud of dust behind me!

I was getting close and thought I would get it this time 'cos I was not barking.

Trouble was, I think the squirrel heard the thump of my paws on the the path or was just lucky, 'cos right at the last moment, it looked behind and saw me!

The squirrel did a sharp left hand exit and went into a pile of branches by the side of the path. In I charged after it but it seemed to have disappeared!

What I did not know, and OTL could see, was the squirrel had jumped up on top of the branches and jumped over the top of me and shot off into the woods on the other side of the path!

OTL was laughing his head off while Holly and me were diving in and out of the branches looking for the pesky squirrel!

After a breakfast of chicken we spent some time photographing a Nuthatch that was nesting in a bird box. Trouble was, because it not sunny, that meant that OTL could not use a fast enough shutter speed and the Nuthatch looked a little 'fuzzy' around the edges!

Nuthatch #1

Nuthatch #2
Better luck next time OTL!

Today was spent either asleep in the car or charging around Thetford Forest looking for squirrels and other Monsters!

OTL say's we should have another day down the beach digging holes in the sand, so if the sun shines we may do that tomorrow or the next day!

Bye bye for now and we'll be back tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly

The Squirrel Shake

14th May

Hi to you all!

D&H back again and the blog site is still having problems!

We've been with The Missus all day today as Old Two Legs has gone out looking at birds again.

Spotted Flycatcher?
 A sort of lazy day, eating, snoozing and standing guard just in case a squirrel tried to pinch OTL's Fruit & Nut Chocolate!

Waiting for a Squirrel to appear!
Holly tells me that when I see a squirrel, I start to shake and twitch, like I want to explode into action and go after the squirrel.

Of Course I Do!

Silly Holly!

OTL & TM call it 'The Squirrel Shake' and laugh at me getting all excited!

Only trouble is, they then tell me not to woof!

I mean, get excited and not woof?


OTL came back and we went for a walk up the woods, chasing squirrels and pigeons that were poking around on the forest floor. We never catch them but it is always worth a try!

We are off to bed early tonight 'cos TM is off early to hear the 'Dawn Chorus' at a RSPB site, but, she has got to get up at two thirty in the morning so she can get there by four!

As OTL said, she can get up, we're staying in bed!

But it does mean an early night for her!

Bye Bye for now,


Daisy & Holly