Sunday, 30 October 2011

Pop, Bang, Hide & Seek and the threat of a shampoo!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here with you again!

After I uploaded the blog yesterday, Holly and me snuggled down with Old Two Legs for a snoozy evening, when all of a sudden there was a terrific Boom and Bang and Pop and Wheeze! That was it, Holly and me started woofing at the noise and OTL and The Missus joined in as well.

We know what it is, it's those nasty fireworks that the Two Legs like making them explode and upset us doggies!

I'm not too bothered by the noise but Holly gets upset and although she was not barking she was still shivering 'cos she was frightened by the noise. OTL says that there could be a few nights of this noise and we should make sure Holly is not left alone at night and given plenty of cuddles!

Nasty Pop Bangs should be banned!

Today we were up early to watch the F1 racing and Jenson came in second and poor old Lewis was left back in sixth. He was not a happy bunny!

Talking of bunnies, we went out for our morning walk along the Sea Wall but before we got there we were chasing around looking for rabbits. Holly nearly caught one, but it dashed down its hole and left Holly woofing at the brambles!

Bunny Gone
Just for a change, we turned left and went along the beach where there were loads of concrete things sticking up, Holly and I played at Hide 'n' Seek with OTL!


They looked all fierce and pointy just like Dragons Teeth and OTL says they have been there a long time.

Dragons Teeth!
We went to the very end, well as far as we could go without climbing over the fence! Not only was there a fence but there was some stuff OTL called 'Barbed Wire', that was the old stuff and the new stuff is called 'Razor Wire', nasty looking stuff, if you got caught on that I reckon it would hurt!

Razor Wire

Even up this far there were fishermen getting ready for when the tide came in, so we stayed away from their fishing rods!

On the way back we found piles of sand, OTL reckons that they were 'in storage' but we think they are just big pies of sand to make rabbit homes!

Another thing, someone has been messing about with the clocks! Last night someone visited our house and turned all he clocks back by one hour! What was worse, we didn't even hear them! Not too good when we are supposed to be guarding the house!

Tomorrow it's the 'Shampoo & Set', unless OTL forgets!

Fat chance!

Bye for now, see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly