Friday, 25 April 2014

What happened to the week?

Hi Woofers!

Us back again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

Last night The Missus announced that she needed the small car to get her and all her stuff over to Maidstone to do a 'Master Class' on 'Glue Slapping' and 'Glitter Spreading'!

Not only did she want the car but she wanted it by ten to eight!

Well, that means a very early start for Old Two Legs, The Ferrets and us Doggies!

In fact, it was so early that my body clock didn't recognise it was poo'ing time  and I had to visit the garden half way through the morning, but that's another story!

We half expected the rabbits to be out chomping away on some 'Early Morning Grass' but when we arrived at the Rabbit Ground, there were no rabbits to be seen!

Obviously it was too early for them!

OK, Where are they?
Down on the beach the tide was out but also the Sea Mist was still in and we couldn't even see Sheerness Docks!

Misty or Wot?
We all had a sniff along the beach and there was a moment when Holly said 'Where is Miss Snowflake? We all had a look around but couldn't see her anywhere!

Where is she?
We started calling out to her and we heard a little voice call out 'I'm Behind Yoooo!'

It was then that Mr Brambles spotted her tail waving above the sand, but he couldn't see the rest of her!

We all ran over to where she was and discovered her down the bottom of a big hole. She tried to claim she had dug it but we knew it would have taken ages for her to dig that deep!

You Know, It ain't Too Bad!
Mr Brambles jumped in and they had a little snuggle out of the wind, until OTL called them both to 'Get a Move On' 'cos TM would be at the front door with her arms crossed and tapping her foot and scowling!

We waved 'Good Bye' to TM and went off to get some breakfast of Ox Heart. OTL started doing his work and I decided to have a snooze and let Holly woof at the Dustbin Men as they collected all the rubbish!

I had to woof at OTL half way through the morning to be let out into the garden 'cos my body clock had caught up with me!

I made sure I went where the 'Wild Flower' patch is 'cos I reckon that if we are going to have a 'Natural Wild Flower' garden then it ought to be able to survive a Doggy Poo or two!

Come lunch time we realised that we would have to go over The Farm for a walk 'cos the little car had gone and the big car was 'Too Clean' to let a couple of mucky puppies sit on the clean seats!

That was OK, it was fun sniffing the sniffs of so many of the local dogs who walk across the field!

Then, when we came back OTL found he had to go delivering and we passed the New Park on the way out and of course, we didn't pass it on the way back, we stopped!

This time we had brought a ball with us!

OTL was throwing down the path and I was running after it while Holly was looking for something to roll in!

Down at the Swimming Hole I was running in and out of the water and OTL was throwing the ball in just where I could get it, then he overdid it a bit and I got all worried and refused to go off the shelf and into deep water!

I tried and I tried to get off the shelf and all the time the ball was floating further and further away!

In the end we had to give up and let it float away!

Oh No! It's going too far away!
 While I was trying to get the ball a Wire Haired Fox Terrier arrived at the Swimming Hole and said his name was Baggins and sorry, he didn't do water!

I just don't do water at all!

I was not a Happy Puppy and it didn't help to have my sister walking behind me asking 'Have You Got The Ball?'

Got The Ball Sis?
 We would have had some fun chasing it on the way back to the car and I could have got dry as well but it ended up with me getting a towel down from OTL in the back of the car!

No Ball and now she has to have a rub down with the Doggy Towel if Mr B hasn't poo'ed on it!
Back home and TM still not back, she must  be having fun with the Glue Pot!

She is off again tomorrow for another Glue & Glitter Master Class, so we will be looking forward to some more fun with OTL, providing it doesn't rain!

Bye Bye For Now!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.