Thursday, 5 July 2018

We can Sniff a change in the weather!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy Eric de Ferret and Monty here again!

The Missus got a shock when she picked up a ferret blanket from off the floor in the garden, there was a small grass snake underneath getting warm in the morning sun! According to TM it was only a baby one 'cos it was about two or three inches long.

Our garden has got all the ingredients for a grass snake, we got a pond with a boggy bit on the side.

We also got a big plastic bin that is a compost bin if the grass snake fancies a sauna!

I'm sure I don't like snakes but I've never seen one, yet, so I'm keeping a close watch on and grassy bit left in the garden, just in case!

Monty and Wendy came with us this morning and when we got to the sea wall the sea was flat calm. I mean, not even a small breeze!

All we need is a big sailing ship and we can call it a Turner type of picture!
 Just for a change, both ferrets arrived, walked around and went back home in the travelling cage without so much as a squeak from Miss Wendy, progress!

This doesn't mean you can creep into my bed for a cuddle!
 Back home Old Two Legs was busy getting all the last bits of paper into a neat pile so he can start working on them next Monday!

Lunchtime we left Eric at home 'cos he was a little tired after his rampage around the house. Miss May decided to stay as well 'cos it was getting too muggy!

OTL has been getting more drops in her eye and today she had her eye open more often than over the last few days, so, we have our claws crossed that her eye is getting better!

Because of the muggy weather we were not in the mood to dash about, it was more of a 'Sniff Day'!

Mind you, that caused me problems. You see, as I stick my nose into the grass and undergrowth a lot of the grass seeds and undergrowth seeds hang onto my nose and ears and head and all down my legs!

They don't half hurt when they stick in your legs and ears!

OTL was given the job of picking them all out including the ones between my claws!

Holly and I decided to stay on the path and sniff the sniffs there instead of hunting through the undergrowth!

OTL was interested in the flowers that were blooming at the moment and clicked off a few pictures!

Well, he didn't get as close as this but it made a change from the whole flower!
 This one looked better showing the whole bloom, we did like the veins in the petals!

Just after we took this one a big bee landed and started munching away at the pollen!
 This one is pretty, no insects but there was a sniff that started OTL sneezing again!

OTL reckons this is called a Hay Fever Plant!
 Holly and I woofed at a couple of Two Legs walking along the Sea Wall and they both started to walk quickly away, like they were frightened of a couple of little woofers like wot we are!

That showed them didn't it?
 I must admit, the heat was getting to me and I really didn't feel like chasing anything, not even the rabbit that appeared a bit further up the path!

I'll be glad to get back to a shady spot under the desk!
We are expecting Alun and Glynis to turn up soon and you know what that means?

Yep! They will be on the Giggle Juice and telling tall tales!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy Eric de Ferret and Mont.