Friday, 13 July 2018

Holly has been dreaming again!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Eric de Ferret and Monty Babe here!

Sometimes we have strange things happen here, like this morning. There we were all of us cuddled up on the bed when Holly starts yelping and snapping her teeth at nothing at all!

We all woke up, well everyone except The Missus, and we looked at Holly thinking she was having a 'Bad Turn'!

Suddenly she rolled over on her back and started kicking her paws like she is running after a rabbit!

Then, she stopped running and opened her eyes.

'Oooooh!' she says, I was dreaming about Plawn Clackers flying around the bedroom and I was chasing them and trying to catch them as they flew about!'

That Doggy has some Strange Dreams!

It's been another warm day and we have been discussing the sniffs you could get when chopping down a pine tree. We had to have some trees removed from our front garden and the sniffs were great! I mean, it all smelt like a bottle of pine disinfectant!

Now, we like the idea of a Dog Sitter coming to look after us, Izzy has got it made, all you have to do is show off when the doggy scoff arrives and the sitter goes into panic mode and telephones the local Take-a-Way and there you are, Plawn Clackers and Steak!

Trouble with us, we get taken everywhere that Old Two Legs and The Missus goes so bang goes our Plawn Clackers and Steak!

Holly Chops got the start of an eye infection and the vet gave OTL some jollop to put into Holly's eyes and now the infection has gone and she is back to normal.

All we have to look forward to is another visit for our yearly 'Poke and Stab' but this time we will be taking Miss May along so she can get her eye checked out!

It's all go here, TM has been working on the Master Class samples for this weekend and it looks all very professional! Holly wanted to help but paw prints were not on this weeks list of 'Things to Do'!

Now, wot's all this Rats Poo about a woofer not being able to forecast the weather?  Those computers just look at the past conditions and work out an average of possible cloud and rain movements. Any one with a basic Amstrad could do that! It takes a woofer and the wonderful sense of sniff to detect the fine change in the density of the molecule's that blow in off the North Sea!

And another thing, did you know that disagreeing with us could lead to a visit by the Woofer Squad and your Steak And Chips could be confiscated plus he could get a Woofers Warning which is very painful around the butt end!

So there!

Blooming TL's think they know everything!

We took May and Eric out this morning when we had our walk along the Sea Front but had to leave Monty and Wendy curled up together in the Cuddle Cup. Yes! They have been in there almost all day. OTL put Monty in the Cuddle Cup after his run around the house and soon he was asleep, then, OTL took the blanket which acts as a second bed, and put it in the for washing. Then, bringing Wendy in from her Hidy Hole where she snoozes in TM's Card Room, he put her in the cage, not the Cuddle Cup. A bit later the pair were all cuddled up together and Wendy has been seen getting up for a wee and getting back in the Cuddle Cup without Monty being thrown out of the bed!

Lunchtime we headed off again for a walk and spotted a TL teaching the worms to swim!

Come on, kick your legs!
 The football field was looking like it could do with a splash of rain!

Sorry, no rain today, maybe tomorrow if your lucky!
When we got close to the Sea Wall I saw the tide was in and decided to go for a swim!

Unfortunately, OTL had thought of that and had put the lead onto my harness, wot a Rat Bag!

Come on, just a little swim?
 So, there I was, all dry, hot and panting!

Still, the weekend is here and who knows, I might get a swim tomorrow!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Eric de Ferret and Monty.