Thursday, 13 February 2014

Making up The Menu!

Hi Ho Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Wot a super day today, right from the start it has been sunshine all the way, plus a bit of wind and a few drops of the wet stuff but not enough to worry us.

So the weather man predicts, tomorrow will be all rain, hail, snow and wind, and with that in mind The Missus decided to head off to Coventry today rather than tomorrow.

Makes sense to us as well!

Mr Brambles was enjoying the sunshine and even suggested he went for a swim but the tide was out and all he could find were rock pools, and they weren't deep enough to swim in!

OK, Who has nicked the water?
 Mr Brambles was getting so upset about the missing water that Miss Snowflake helped him have a look for it but even she had to give up in the end!

Nothing over here either!
 That was it, they went back to digging holes!

Back home we waved good bye to TM as she raced off into the traffic with the car loaded down with tons of card making stuff.

When Old Two Legs came back in we insisted he sit down and work out a menu for us while TM is away.

Now there is eight days meals we have to decide on. So we told OTL what to write down and it went like this:-

Chicken, Lambs Heart, Stewing Steak, Gammon Steak, Chicken, Lambs Heart, Lambs Liver, Rump Steak.

Every meal has to be followed by a teeth cleaning chew and we have got to have nibbles available, when required, like Chicken Fillet or Chicken & Rice chews!

OTL said that he will have a look through the freezer and see what he can find for us and there may be a pizza for him!

Lunch time, OTL took us back to the Sea Wall and we met up with Rosie, a very playful four year old Staffy.

She came bounding along the Sea Wall and was all over OTL straight away!

Hello Rosie!
We had a game of chase on the beach and I had to grumble when she shoved her cold nose under my tail! She soon got the messages and went back to running around OTL!

We told her about the camera OTL was carrying and she said that she had a 'Best Side', then she stood and looked towards the sky and said 'How's This For A Pose?'

Rosie's Best Side!
 After a while Rosie had to go home and we carried on down the path. We had a run and a chase on the beach while OTL was playing with the camera again.

Now how about this for a weird one? It is an Infrared Photo that has been 'Worked On' by OTL in Photoshop!

An Infrared Power Station!
I must say, he does do some strange photo's sometimes!

We are off now to get the table prepared for OTL's pizza, then we will sit beside him and select the best bits for us to test for taste!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.