Tuesday, 10 June 2014

This is the life!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

Another warm and sunny day today! You know it was difficult sleeping last night. It was too hot and of course those pesky Bozo Cats didn't help, stomping around in the garden, having a party while we were trying to sleep!

Well, being guard dogs we just had to warn the household there were cats about!

We warned at one fifteen and then at two thirty and then again at four. By then The Missus had got up and chased the cats off herself!

That means we could go back to sleep, safe in the knowledge that TM was 'On Guard' for us!

Of course, we were up earlier than normal so we dragged Old Two Legs out and we were in the car and down to the beach for another early morning swim.

Unfortunately, the tide was out so we could only watch the ships go by!

This in not another Ethereal Thingy, it's a Photoshop muck around by OTL!
Holly and I had a game of 'Streak' along the beach and this involves running as fast as we can along the whole sandy bit!

A Beach Streak!
Normally we leave this game until the weather is a little cooler but today it just seemed to be right for a streak!

It was OK to start with but we soon became too hot to streak and headed instead for the shade of a bench!
That was too exhausting to carry on!
The ferrets didn't join in our streak, instead they spent there time sniffing the grass and investigating mouse holes and stoat poo!

Mr Brambles was demonstrating a technique he learnt while he was in the SFS (Special Ferret Service) where he helped develop the 'Silent Stalking Method'!

If it wasn't for his harness rattling you would never hear him creep up behind you!
Both he and Miss Snowflake were investigating all the sniffs all the way back to the car, so we had plenty of time to hunt out the shady bits all the way back to the car!

Those Dogs have no stamina!
Back home it was chicken and biscuits for breakfast and a snooze, in between OTL sneezing his head off!

That hay fever really gets him making loads of sneezy noises!

Midday we were down the beach again and today TM came with us!

Every time we stopped for a sniff or a wee she kept calling us to 'Keep Up'! I tell you, walking with OTL is much more fun, at least he only shouts when we try to roll in a sniff!

Back home it was snoozy time, too hot to do anything else!

Even OTL crashed out and had a snooze!

Mind you, tomorrow is going to be busy, loads of stuff expected to be delivered and then OTL off to the optician to have his eyes tested. The first test is to see if he has one either side of his nose. The way he has been sneezing we are expecting either his nose to fall off or land on top of his head!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.