Sunday, 9 March 2014

Sunny Sunday!

Hi Woofers!

Spring is here!

So are Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

Well, Old Two Legs has finally finished putting away all his stuff from the Scotland Trip and we are back to the normal mess in the office!

I've got one of our cushions under his workspace, Holly has hidden one of MY chews around the back of the ferrets house and the ferrets 'Adventure Playground' has squeaky ball hidden everywhere, not to mention the stack of Ferret Nibbles hidden in the darkest recesses!

With the few days off in Scotland OTL hasn't been on his rowing machine since he has been back, naughty OTL! Still, he has promised to get back on it on Monday morning!

Down on the beach Holly and I found a super sniff in the sand and spent some time digging and rolling in it while OTL was attending to the ferrets!

OK, First a dig, then a Roll!
I'm not sure if OTL knew what we were doing but he didn't say anything, maybe he reckoned that we deserved a roll in something 'cos we were such good puppies for TM while OTL was away!

Both ferrets said that they would have had a roll but it was too wet on the sea weed!

No, we'll just have a sniff thanks!
 We all had a chase along the beach and then headed back to the car. Mr Brambles was very good and didn't race away and leave Miss Snowflake struggling to get up the steps!

Come on Girl, up you get!
 The ground was getting dry so it was good fun to run along the grass. Miss Snowflake even had some fun chasing Holly!

Oh No you Don't!
Back home we got bowls of New Doggy Scoff that really doesn't get us very excited, in fact we had a sniff and went off to have a snooze!

OTL got going in the garden with his big drilling machine. We got hold of a tree trunk that OTL has decided to incorporate into the garden as a Bug Hotel. To help things along he wanted to drill some holes in it of several sizes so that Bees and Bumble bees and other sorts of bugs can set up home. However, drilling holes with his big electric drill is OK but when he started on big holes, about three quarters of an inch diameter he drilled a few and then there was a big POP!

Smoke poured out of the drill and OTL very quickly unplugged it from the extension lead before it did any damage!

So, we now have a tree trunk full of holes and a drill that is dead, but the 'Hotel' is finished!

Now all OTL has to do is spread the 'Wild Flower' seeds he has plus the 'Goats Beard' seeds he 'Collected' from the Sea Wall last year.

Lunch time and the sun was even warmer that this morning! There were the Sunday Trippers down on the beach, families and there was even a Metal Detector Geezer running around on the mud waving his detector thingy. OTL said that all he would find were unexploded bombs!

No Sarnies, No Strokes!
 There were one couple that not satisfied with a beach tea, brought their own table and chairs to sit looking at the mud and eating cucumber sarnies and drinking tea from real china cups!

Don't they look POSH!
On the way back we stopped at the church in our village, Holly says that OTL was 'Getting Religion' but as the church was closed all he could do was take some more pictures with the Infrared Camera!

Allsaints Church Allhallows.
After that is was back home to watch the rugby match. Holly and I love rugby, it's just like Holly an I playing 'Chase The Ball' or even 'Grab the Stick'!

Just like Rugby!
See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles