Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Not a Happy Daisy!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here.

We were up early this morning, I know that 'cos when I jumped up onto Old Two Legs bed and gave his ear a good licking, all he said was '......What Time is IT?'

He has no idea how hard it is for me to get up at four in the morning just to give his ear a wash!

Well, because the little car has been taken off for mending, we went for a walk over The Field. OTL said that we couldn't go down to The Sea Wall 'cos we would have grubby paws and mess up his nice clean car!

OTL had to deliver a panic order to one of his customers, so we went with him, of course!

After the delivery we went to the Riverside Park and had a wonderful time. We played 'Chase the Ball' then it was 'Hunt the Rabbit' and after that it was 'Hunt the Rat'!

We were hunting everything!

OTL found a strange looking caterpillar and OTL took a picture!

Strange Caterpillar!
The plant was Ragwort and the caterpillar will grow into a Cinnabar moth which looks like this.

Cinnabar moth
 OTL didn't take the picture of the moth, he copied it from the Internet!
 He also found a Teasel plant that the Goldfinches love 'cos it has seeds that they love!

Teasel Plant.
While OTL was playing with his camera Holly and I were tearing around all over the place!

Good Sniff this is!

Back home we both had a snooze but when I woke up I could tell all was not well. My back legs hurt and my front legs were hurting as well! I could not move at all!

OTL picked me up and we had a cuddle all afternoon, which was very unusual 'cos normally I don't do cuddles like that unless there is some shortbread in it!

Around six OTL made a phone call to the vet.

I do not like vets, I always get hurt, OTL doesn't like vets 'cos the hurt his wallet!

When we went into the 'Consultation Room' I got upset and wouldn't let the vet touch me!

OTL had to make another appointment for when we get back off holiday 'cos they want to do some tests on me!

We left the vet with some 'anti-inflammatory' pills which are supposed to take the pain away.

Trouble was, it didn't help OTL when he got the bill, it still hurt him!

So, this evening it is a cuddle with OTL and an early night and let's hope tomorrow I'll be better!

Bye for now.


Daisy & Holly