Friday, 8 February 2013

It's Friday and here comes the Weekend!

Hi Ho Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here with you again.

We have been out with Old Two Legs for most of the day. We did our morning run along The Sea Wall and spotted a couple of Marsh Harriers gliding overhead, of course, as soon as they saw OTL get his camera out, they cleared off!

Bye Bye OTL!
The game of 'Chase The Ball' was cut short 'cos Holly found this super Sea Side Sniffin Interest!

You Two Legs know it as a S.S.S.I!

'ere it's a S.S.S.I!
Then we went back to Ball Chasing!

Guess wot I want?
Back home and it was a bowl of liver, pigs liver, not really our favourite, in fact it was delivered by mistake and The Missus reckoned it was really too good for us, or as we put it, 'It's a bit too Strong for us!'

After that OTL tried to sneak out but he wasn't going to escape us this time!

Off we went and stood guard over his tools while he did a job at one of his customers. Then after that we had to deliver some stuff but we couldn't get hold of the man, he wouldn't answer his phone!

With that, OTL took us to a place called Capstone Park and found some super large fields we could go for a run in, it was great, loads of space, almost as much as yesterday!

There was one teeny weeny problem.

The ground was a little muddy and it was that sort of mud that sticks to your paws and won't fall off!

It also sticks to the bottom of OTL's paws as well!

I reckon we had about an inch of mud under out claws, which made it a bit funny to run with!

Later we went down to one of our most favourite shops, Pets is Uzz!

The sniffs in that place you could die for!

They even had Rabbits and Hamsters and other stuff that would make a super snack for Snowflake and us!

OTL had to buy a special bag to put it all in 'cos the plastic one they supplied broke!

Back home it was great sniffin it all before TM put it away in our cupboard. We were deciding what to have tonight for a 'Treat', well, it is Friday!

Tomorrow Snowflake has got to go to the vet for a checkup and OTL says that he will take Holly with him just to see how much she has lost in weight after being on this strict diet.

Holly reckons she has lost a couple of ton but OTL and I aren't too sure about that!

The scales don't lie and depending on what they say tomorrow will depend on whether or not Holly gets a treat tomorrow!

You will be pleased to know that the new computer is slowly doing what it's told, well, OTL isn't shouting at it so much!

Snowflake had her claws clipped this afternoon as well!

It was a job that OTL has not been looking forward to 'cos she is all wriggly and likely to give OTL a nip if she thinks he is hurting her!

It has cost OTL a gallon of Ferretone but he has managed to get them done. Now he has got to get the clippers to work properly!

Snowflakes claws are slim and really tiny but they are sharp and pointed at the same time so the clippers have to be sharp and cut without tearing the claw or that would hurt her!

Tomorrow, after the vet, Snowflake is going to get a walk on some concrete or paving slabs to tidy up the claws after OTL has cut them!

Guess what? Snowflake got a squeaky ball as a present and she has been playing with it in 'Snowy Heights', she has had it in her SsssH bed and thrown it down the hole between floors and she has been making it squeak every time she buries her fangs into it!

Best bit about Snowflake is that this morning, OTL was clearing out her cage  as he normally does and her 'Purpose Designed Poo Pot' that she has taken to sleeping in, OTL folded up a small hand towel into the diamond shape so it fits into bottom of the Poo Pot to make a small bed for her.

What does she do?

Yep, she drags the towel out, throws it onto the floor, climbs back into the Poo Pot and falls asleep!

That is one strange Ferret!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake