Monday, 20 August 2012

Us doing serious Rabbit Hunting!

Hi Woofers!

McDaisy & Mac Holly here!

Today we have been hunting!

Not the normal rabbits or foxes or sneaky squirrels. Today it is Otters!

We keep seeing these notices talking about Red Deer and Roe Deer and Otters but so far they have been hiding from us.

We started down on the south of the island but only saw Buzzards and loads of 'Little Brown Jobs' that were flitting around. 

Boring Buzzard!
So, just for a break, we went to the beach for a quick wee and a run around.

When we got there, all the cattle herd had decided to spend the day on the beach!

A Cow Beach Party!
Old Two Legs took us right down the other end of the beach, well away from the cattle so we could have fun looking for rabbits. Well, we found some and proceeded to chase them all over the place, in the gorse bushes and into their rabbit holes. I was getting all excited trying to dig them out, Holly was helping but keeping guard at the other holes, just in case they tried to sneak out!

Otter or Rabbit?
OTL noticed that the cattle had now arrived at his car and were starting to surround it, looking for a place to lean up against for a good scratch!

OK OTL, You're Surrounded!
 Off he went, leaving me digging for rabbits, Holly was undecided what to do, so she followed OTL back to the car then had second thoughts, so she sat down half way between OTL and me, just to keep an eye on both OTL and me!

Back came OTL with the car, I hadn't moved from the hole and was getting a bit frantic digging my way through Islay!

OTL called us 'cos the cattle were heading our way again but we kept digging. So, over he came and lifted both Holly and me up and tucked us underneath his arms and marched back to the car, just before the cattle arrived!

That was it, OTL drove off and headed towards the Airport Beach, at least there are only sheep down there and they keep out of our way!

OTL started to photograph the waves and Holly and I said we were off to look for otters, down some of the rabbit holes!

Looking for Otters?
Well, OTL decided that the waves were not big enough yet to make a good photograph, so he came looking for us.

We had found some rabbit holes that were enormous, I mean, Huge!

So, me, being all brave and fearless went head first down the hole, OTL found out what hole I was in 'cos Holly was standing outside woofing, then OTL started woofing at me to come out!

I turned around in the hole and came back to see what all the fuss was about and OTL grabbed me by the collar and hauled me out of the hole!

I was then clipped onto the lead and that was the end of my Rabbit Hunt even though I promised OTL that I had seen an Otter go down the hole!

Well after all that we headed back to the caravan, the long way around and we saw a Golden Eagle and loads of Buzzards, but no rabbits!

There is always tomorrow!

Late news, OTL reckons that Orca have been sighted down near the ferry, so guess where we are heading off to tomorrow!

See you soon!


McDaisy & Mac Holly


McDaisy & Mac Holly