Sunday, 27 May 2012

Invasion of People!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here.

What a day it's been!

Old Two Legs has been busy in the pond, lowering the edges and flattening them out. We of course sat in the shade and instructed him on which bit was wobbly or too high!

Then, when he stopped for a tea break, we helped him eat his biscuits!

It has been very hot today and of course that brings everyone out for a walk on our Sea Wall!

Wot You Doing on Our Beach?

There were families trying to build sand castles on the stony beach, fat chance!

Then there were the ones just laying on the beach just like like seals!

Two Legged Seals!
Then there were the Marching Ones, they are the ones that walk all the way along the sea wall then march all the way back again!

Left Right, Left Right, Keep in Line!
And of course, there is always the one that wants to walk along the 'Waste Water Pipe', that's the one that really 'Honks' sometimes!

Pipe Walker!
Both Holly and I were glad when we got clear of them all and had a run along the Sea Wall making jokes about the Two Legs and how they can only go no more than three minutes away from their parked car!

In the clear now!
OTL managed to find a Four Spot Chaser Dragonfly that was sitting in the sun. The only thing was, it's abdomen was rather thin for a dragonfly, OTL said that maybe it had not eaten yet and was looking for some food to fatten up on!

Four Spot Chaser
 The four spots are the ones on it's wing ends!

Later on we had a treat, we all went off to Northwood Hill RSPB place and OTL took his camera and big lens. We were supposed to be looking for the Barn Owl that nest in the old cow shed.

Well, we stood there for a while then Holly and I got bored, so The Missus took us for a walk while OTL stayed behind looking for Barn Owls.

First of all he found some Gorse.

Not a Barn Owl

Then along came this Chaffinch.

Still not a Barn Owl!

Then he saw a Magpie.

No, still not a Barn Owl!
He saw a Heron fly over head, so he took some more pictures.

Nothing like a Barn Owl!
After that he spotted the moon.

OK, but still nothing like a Barn Owl
In the distance he spotted a Cuckoo, but it was too far away to get a good shot!

But what he didn't see was a Barn Owl!

Never mind, we saw loads of rabbits but as we were on our leads, all we could do was wish!

Bye bye for now, vets tomorrow for me, I've got a sore eye that needs some money thrown at it, poor OTL!


Daisy & Holly