Monday, 16 January 2012

Happy Birthday OTL!

Hi Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

Today we had some fun! You see it's Old Two Legs Birthday and to celebrate his birthday we woke him up good and early and sang him our 'Happy Birthday' song.

The Missus didn't seem to know the words but she did some woofing of her own and went back to sleep.

OTL said thank you to us both and then said that as it was just a quarter to two, he would go back to sleep and enjoy a lay in for a while! Well, what could we say? We left him to snooze and we went back to sleep ourselves!

Now we know that OTL can be sneaky sometimes but after our walk this morning, he took us down to the 'Poodle Parlour' and left us there to get our 'Shampoo & Set', as he calls it.

Well, what can we say/ We were shampooed, shaved, claws trimmed, tail coiffured, bottom washed and then blow dried and sprayed with 'Puppy Pongo' spray that make us smell all unnatural, as far as doggy's go!

We were sure glad to see OTL at lunch time when he came to rescue us, he made a big fuss then had to be helped to a chair when they presented the bill! I'm sure that he is just showing off when he does that!

Back home for a late breakfast and a snooze.

We asked OTL to get our coats out when we go out walkies, the wind does sure blow up some new places when you get a hair cut!

Here are two pictures, a sort 'Before' and 'After'!

And Now...........

Me After!
Holly After

After we got out of the Parlour, we were straight down to the New Park, OTL knows what we want! We also had a bit of Chicken Fillet he had brought with him, super tasty stuff that is!

When we got down there, most of the other dogs stayed away from us and we weren't sure why? Then a big hairy door mat stopped and we all had a sniff, then he announced that we both smelt 'Terrible'! It was that spray they covered us in!

Where did you get that sniff?
We are going to have a word with OTL when we get home!

Saying hello to TM was fun, we both run around her and dive in quickly with a lick in the ear, then before she can see who it is, the other dives in and licks her ear!

We had a super bowl of liver and biscuits and a snooze to follow, in fact we were quite worn out and just stretched out, stuck our feet in the air and enjoyed being at home.

This evening we are going to have a party for OTL, we will get his whisky out and share some of his shortbread and Twiglets! He can have a slurp or two or three and we can all sing songs and tell jokes about OTL getting confused and us playing tricks on him!

Do we know how to live or what!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly