Thursday, 8 September 2011

It's The D&H&OTL Bird Hospital and Flying School!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again to see you.

What a start to the day! Holly was down stairs with Old Two Legs getting her morning brush, when, THUMP!

Yep, it's happening again, another young Goldfinch was on the floor, knocked out after flying into the window!

Holly and OTL got the cardboard box and our towel out again and made a bed for it.

OTL put the box onto the table, facing away from the window and turned around to pick the bird up.

There was Holly, giving the bird a good sniff, 'well' says Holly, 'it sort of smells like chicken but not very strong'!

OTL picked the bird up put it inside the box, on our towel, so it has a warm place to get better.

Out for the count!
A little while later we had another look and although it had not flown away yet, it did seem a little brighter!

Getting better!

All the time I was upstairs sleeping in my day bed, well, after a good chicken breakfast where else did you expect me to be?

Having missed all the excitement, I even missed the bird flying off, but we did see the present it left behind for us!

A Poo'y Present from a Goldfinch!
Lunch time we went out the the Sea Wall and as soon as we were out of the car we dashed around to where the rabbits were, only this time they were having an 'after lunch snooze'.

It was a bit much, after we had got OTL to bring us all the way out to see them!

Yoo Hoo! Mr Rabbit!
We soon got bored looking for them and went of to play 'chase', when I made a terrific discovery!

I found out that if a run down hill, at speed, then make a jump, I can almost fly!

A Low Flying Puppy!
Holly tried doing it as well but couldn't get up enough speed! As she says, she is more of an 'Iresistable Force' when she gets going!

We had Duck & Chicken Puppy Food mixed together with some 'real' chicken!

Not sure if we liked it or not but we did have a chew, just to make TM happy and not feel that she is starving us by feeding us puppy food!

Early to bed tonight, we have had too much excitement today!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly