Thursday, 5 May 2011

Little Dog Lost in the Forest!

Hi Everyone!

D&H back again with another 'Adventure'!

We went out with Old Two Legs on his 'deliveries' this morning and on the motorway we saw  the result of an accident, a traffic jam that must have been three miles long!

OTL, said that we weren't coming back that way so we couldn't go to the New Park like he promised.

He did say that we could visit The Farm for a run, so we weren't too disappointed!

We got there and started walking down the chalk path, having a sniff at all the new smells.

The Chalk Path

Then we went inside the forest to see what they have been doing with the trees and bushes.

What have they done to the Forest?
 Then OTL started taking some photo's of the flowers and getting all 'Artistic'.

The Old Tree
Well, just at that moment I saw a Pheasant strutting through the undergrowth!

That was it, I was off like a flash, Howling and shouting the War Cry and going like wind!

The Pheasant burst through the trees and into the field of green stuff that was a little taller than me!

I didn't care, on I went chasing the Pheasant that seemed to just disappear in front of me into the green stuff.

That's clever I thought, I wish I could do that!

Then I turned around and didn't see Holly, and I didn't see OTL, in fact, I saw no one!

I listened and in the distance I heard the doggy whistle that OTL blows when I'm out of his sight. I started to go in the direction of the whistle, but it seemed to move all the time and I could not work out the direction it was going.

Mmm, I thought, they must be going home to tell The Missus they have lost me and that Holly can have all my dinner tonight!

Now I've been for a walk on The Farm a number of times and although I don't know all of it, I do know where OTL parks the car! So, off I went like a speeding Pheasant, down the road side until I came to OTL's car, it was still there!

Trouble was, OTL wasn't there, nor was Holly!

Next to our car was a man, sitting in his car, reading a paper. So I jumped up and scratched at his door, he looked out of the window and then opened his door.

I was in like a flash and tried to tell him I had lost OTL and Holly and that she would get all my dinner and I'd never get my belly brushed again if I didn't find OTL and I was really worried The Missus might forget me!

He didn't seem to understand what I was saying.

He took a look at my collar where OTL had put a tag with my name on it, 'Hello Daisy' he said. Then he turned it over and saw that OTL had put both our home telephone and OTL's mobile phone number.

He called OTL with his telephone and within a short time, down the road came Holly and OTL, boy was I glad to see them both!

OTL thought that it was a good thing that I remembered where the car was parked and he gave me a cuddle just to show how pleased he was to see me.

Then he told Holly that she couldn't have my dinner tonight after all!

Wot a cheek!

I bet she even had plans on my bed as well!

I was glad to get back home and tell TM all about it and I promised not to go running off again.

Well, I'll try very hard not to!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly