Saturday, 29 April 2017

First Sign of Summer!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret here again!

OK, paws up all who spotted a typographical error yesterday?

Yep! That's it, Eric instead of Freddy!

Old Two Legs says it was Claw Trouble!

Never mind, Eric and Freddy don't mind, just as long as they get their walks!

Down on the beach we found the whelk shell we saw yesterday. We first checked to see if anyone was inside but we could see nothing. So, OTL picked it up from the rock pool and put it on top of a rock.

Holly and I went up to it for a sniff when we heard it say 'Whelkome to The Rock Pool'!

Now that was a bit weird, so both Holly and I were off like a rocket, I mean, talking shells!

Freddy was a little braver or stupid and went up to ask why he was still here after the last two high tides.

Well, says the whelk, I'm not really big enough to hump this shell over all the rocks, so I will wait for a while until I get bigger, then I'll be off!

Freddy asked why a big shell is easier to move than a small one. It isn't, says the whelk shell, I'm talking about me!

It was then that Freddy spotted the tiny Hermit Crab inside the shell!

Now it makes sense!
Sorry says Freddy, didn't see you at first! Good says the crab, it also helps when something is after you for dinner!

We left the crab to get on with it and Freddy and Wendy went off to dig a sand pit!

OK, wot about here?
 There was a load off woofing coming down the Sea Wall and we spotted a little ball of fluff and nose. It was a stranger to our corner of the world and we kept an eye on it to make sure he stayed away from the ferrets and us!

OK, if it stops at the top of the steps we'll give it a good woofing!
 Fortunately, the woofer was on a lead and got dragged up the path before it got to us!

Lunchtime we were down the beach again with May and Eric, they went looking for the whelk shell but couldn't find it, maybe the crab had found a safe place to hide before the tide came in!

On our way back to the car we spotted a Swallow swooping across the grass hill, over all the plants!

I mean, it's the first swallow this year and I know that 'one swallow does not a summer make', but it's a jolly good sign as far as I'm concerned!

Miss May had fun rolling in the sand.

This sand make a good exfoliate material, better than grass!
Eric dug a reasonably good trench then decided to go for a jog up to the rock wall.

Come on, race you all to the top!
We got a bowl full of Lambs Heart today and although it was cold, it still tasted yummy!

TM got back from her crop thingy and actually came back with more stuff than she left with! I mean, she has got so much stuff we didn't think there is any stuff she hasn't got already!

Sunday tomorrow, we may see some more swallows arriving, claws crossed!

Bye bye for now,


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.