Tuesday, 5 November 2019

More Rocks from Grain!

Hi Woofers!

We are back again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret!

Well, last night there was just one Whizz Bang episode and it didn't last long and it didn't upset Holly Chops, mind you, she was eating a chew at the time and nothing normally comes between Holly and Food!

You know, we have never really questioned Eric and his love of rubber or latex, I mean, his delivery of 'Rubber Monthly' was to do with keeping clean whilst rolling around in his cage!

We thought that Aunt Sue and her tale of some Teak Oil was funny, 1970? It's obvious that she doesn't give her furniture a clean every year!

On our walk this morning we saw a container ship heading off into the sunrise, what with all the mist and the dark, it looked like ghost ship!

Look carefully and you will see it!
 As we got close to the car park we saw a couple of Grain Rocks on the gate. Well, one was sitting on top of the post that holds the gate shut and the other was hiding in the rotted part of the post that holds the hinges!

A Stone Pumpkin!
 The other was trying to hide but it really didn't blend in to the post, maybe it was the colour of his skin!

I'm not painted Blue, it's just that I'm blooming COLD!
 As we were close to the car Old Two Legs left them where they were and we headed for home.

Lunchtime it was a lot warmer and the sun was out as well. Holly managed to get a little run on the beach but I decided that there was nothing new on the beach and left Holly to have a sniff at the old sea weed!

No, nothing new and no one following!
 When we got to the gate we found that one of the Grain Rocks, the one on the gate post, had gone on a walk about but the other one, the cold one, was still in the rotted bit of the post.

OTL picked him up and relocated him onto the bench where we had parked the car.

Well, it's warmer out here that in that post!
 The picture above is a close up of the rock but if you were to walk past it would you see it on the bench?

Spot The Rock!

 We reckon that tomorrow the rock will have walked off or been picked up by a passing Two Legs, still, we will know on our next visit to the car park!

Today is the fifth and we are expecting loads of Whizz Bangs tonight and the next time will be the weekend. We are going to give Holly loads of cuddles and we may even end up in bed early 'cos that is the only place she feels safe!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret.