Thursday, 28 February 2013

Presents for Snowflake.

Hi Ho Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake back again!

It has been one of those 'Busy Busy' days, you know, the sort that just fly by without you knowing. One minute we were trying to decide on getting up for our morning stroll and the next here I am pounding away at the keyboard trying to get the blog sorted before Old Two Legs shuts the office down for the night!

We started off with our walk along The Sea Wall, trying to play 'Chase The Ball' with the ball that now has more holes than ball, if you know what I mean.

We spotted a Wormy Man with his party clothes on, looking all bright and colourful, I suppose the bright colours are what are called 'High Viz' so and passing ships don't run him over!

High Viz Wormy Man!

Around the corner we heard 'Hellooo Girlie's!'

Guess Who Girlie's?
It was Barney with his mates going out for a stroll as well. The other two dogs, Charlie and Bozo spent all the time play fighting, other than when they said 'hello' to OTL, then they went back to fighting again!

Back home The Missus had cooked up some beef meat for us, or it could have been horse, or donkey for all we knew, but it tasted very nice thank you!

OTL was doing his 'Engineering' bit in the office and soon had some stuff to send out, so, without stopping for lunch, off we went again for a stroll on the Sea Wall.

Holly and I did the ball chasing and this time we dug a hole in the beach and buried the ball in it and dug it up again, just so OTL would think we had found another ball!

Honest! We did find a new one down the hole!
It didn't work 'cos the ball was too light and it even squeaked, so OTL wasn't fooled!

OK, we were joking!
After that it was straight down to the carrier and just when we thought we were going to get a second lunchtime walk, we ended up in the tyre place for a new front tyre.

We woofed at the man who took the wheel off and when he came to see what the mileage was on the speedometer we wouldn't let him in the car!

We both threatened to tear his legs off if he opened the car door!

Next stop was the Doggy Shop!

You Two Legs just don't know what you are missing, that place is so full of sniffs we could stay there for a month and still not get tired of sniffin!

OTL loaded up the basket with Doggy Scoff, but this stuff we don't mind too much and mostly eat it if we don't get fresh meat!

Then he put a pack of one of those dog teeth cleaning chews in the basket, so that was something to look forward to!

Around the corner were the bins full of balls. There were loads of different types. soft ones, squeaky ones, small bouncy ones and ones that had a tinkly bell inside to drive you mad!

We chose the hard bouncy ones we reckon are good for chasing and bouncing along the path!

OTL even put two packs of those in the basket!

Then he had a mooch around and stopped at a place where they had sort of beds and tunnels made of plastic.

It was when he showed us that we knew it was a bed for a ferret! Well, to us it looked like a big slipper for a big paw, but we could see how a ferret could sleep in there!

Well, it makes a change from the Poo Pot!

She has tried it out and reckons that it is comfortable and it may just get a bit warm but it was worth trying out.

So she did!

When she woke up, she forgot where she was and thinking she was still in the Poo Pot, she fell out of bed and banged her chin on the floor!

Soppy Ferret!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake (Still sleeping!)