Tuesday, 4 September 2012

What a Hot Day!

Hi Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again!

What a hot day it has been today, we have been all sort of 'Too Hot To Bother' today. Which is a shame 'cos we had visitors and I'm afraid I showed off a little bit!

You see it was like this, We were out early'ish with Old Two Legs and got to The Sea Wall car park where we were let out of the car to chase a rabbit or two. Well, we saw a couple of rabbits in the long grass and went steaming after them. As we were racing towards them, they sort of looked up from eating the grass and dashed into the bushes. Holly and I were travelling at the speed of light or close but we just didn't stand a chance, those rabbits were gone!

Well, it was a bit of an effort and the sun was hot on our backs, so half way back to OTL we both stopped for a rest under the table 'cos there was some shade.

'...are we getting old or are they getting faster?'

Holly reckons the rabbits are getting quicker!

When we got onto the beach I had a quick swim, just to cool down. Holly declined the offer of a paddle and instead lay on the beach catching up on her tan, but after a while it even got too hot for her!

Is my tail getting tanned?
A bit further along the beach we came to the old water pipe and Holly was tempted to run along and jump into the sea, but as she said, she suddenly got 'Sensible' and went back!

Yes, no, yes, No, NO!
OTL was hunting around in the plants for his Brown Banded Carder which he found!

Problem was, the Brown Banded Carder didn't want to be found and would rather be left alone to feed!

Later at lunch time, it was just as hot, if not hotter! OTL found a big fat spider hanging on it's web, as we got close we heard it call out 'Oi! Got any Flies?' As OTL says, Doesn't that remind you of anyone?

Oi! Got Any Flies?

OTL got another shot of the Brown Banded Carder which was better that the morning shot and confirmed that it was in fact a Brown Banded Carder. Now OTL is a 'Happy OTL' and hopefully we won't get any more of him going on about insects!

Yes, It's the Brown Banded Carder Bee, now go away!

No such luck! What did we see? It was a moth, not a rare one but you know OTL, he hadn't seen it before on the Sea Wall, so he just had to photograph it!

Guess what this is?
Now I'm sure you all recognise the moth, yes it's a Silver Y Moth, so called 'cos it has a silver (off white) letter 'Y' mark on each fore wing!

Having a Snooze!

And here it is having a rest!

When we got back home we had visitors, Mike, Sue and Little Daisy!

We said hello to everyone and tried to get some cool spot to have a snooze but we were in constant demand!

Little Daisy just loved to stroke us and give us a cuddle, which normally would be OK but today we were just too hot to play 'Cuddle Games' and it was then that I had a little grumble at her to leave me alone, which she did and a bit later we had our picture taken by Mike and OTL!

The Missus, Daisy and Daisy!
All friends again really!

Well after this tiring day both Holly and I are off to bed soon  'cos we both feel like a snooze and we may not wake up to start our night time sleep!

Bye bye for now!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly