Monday, 30 July 2012

What happened to Monday?

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here.

Well, as you can see, we have got forgotten today. Old Two Legs has been in 'Meetings' all day today, getting things 'Sorted' before our holiday. He likes to get all the paperwork sorted, bills paid and the Tax Return sent off. All this so he can go on holiday with a 'Clear Conscience!'

Yeah, that's what we said as well!

We had a run down at the Riverside Park but OTL didn't take his camera with him 'cos he forgot! He was too busy talking to his Accountant to remember the camera, in fact, we consider ourselves lucky he remembered us!

The Missus took us out first thing this morning, across The Farm fields, a few new sniffs to report but nothing too exciting!

We got back to some Lambs Heart, but you know, it was just too hot to eat it, so we'll save it for tonight!

After the Riverside Park walk we headed up to one of our favourite shops. OTL calls it Pets R Us but that's not it's real name!

The sniffs in there are terrific, there's all the 'Nibbles' like Pigs Ear and BBQ Sausage and Chicken Fillets and Raw Hide Chews and Biscuits by the ton and in so many flavours we couldn't count them all!

We passed the enclosure where they keep all the Rabbits and Guinea Pigs and Gerbils and hairy stuff like that. Holly walked past saying 'I'll have one of those roasted followed by two of them boiled into a stew and two of those to follow, cooked crispy and with some black pepper dusted over the ends.

She sure does know about cooking!

We came out with a load of stuff, most of it would be treats when we are on holiday but OTL did open up one pack of BBQ sausage and Holly and I took turns in biting off a bit while OTL held it for us.

How he didn't loose his fingers I'll never know 'cos Holly and I don't have any table manners where a BBQ Sausage is concerned!

OTL also purchased a 'Dog Whistle', yeah, he thinks he is going to train us to Come Bye and all that stuff? No chance!

He did blow it a couple of times at home, sounded like a steam engine under full pressure!'

Holly and I ran around barking  'cos we thought it was a monster got into the house without us seeing!

Finally we found OTL upstairs with this whistle, so we mugged him for a nibble of his biscuit before falling asleep on his bed!

So, sorry about the lack of pictures, we will try to make it up to you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly