Wednesday, 13 August 2014

It's Rabbiting Season!

Hello Woofer Mates!

It's us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Holly got up this morning and decided that the 'Rabbit Hunting Season' was 'Open'!

I wasn't sure about what she means by 'Open' but it sounded like fun, so I didn't argue!

We got to the car park and I could see a couple of rabbits dancing around on the grass in front of the bushes.

There I was, up at the windscreen doing my 'Grumbly Grumble' that I do before setting off after a rabbit. Holly was doing her excited 'Let Me Out' woof to Old Two Legs that she normally does before he lets us out of the car.

Both ferrets were rattling the cage door to get out, you know, it was getting very 'Busy'!

Finally, OTL opened the back door and out we flew, rushed through the bushes and after the rabbits!

They had gone!

I blame the Ferrets for making too much noise!
It was a super walk today, the temperature was down to a very pleasant level which means we could have a run about without getting too hot!

Down on the beach Miss Snowflake had a quick wee and climbed back into the bag while Mr Brambles set off to explore the beach.

The sea had piled up the sea shells into a cliff face and he had trouble climbing up to the top.

It's a bit of a climb today!
When he arrived at the Rock Wall, he found one of those plastic cup the Two Legs leave on the beach instead of putting them in the rubbish bin.

So, Mr Brambles, being Mr Brambles, just had to have a look and inspect it!

In he went, sniffing and snuffling, as ferrets do.

Then we heard............'Help! I've gone Blind!'

I can't see a thing!
Soppy Ferret!

OTL had to pull the cup off his head!

Back home we all settled down to some breakfast and followed it up with a well deserved snooze.

Holly was dreaming of rabbits, I know that 'cos she was woofing in her sleep doing her 'Rabbit Chasing' woof!

Around eleven thirty, I got fed up with snoozing or woofing at the passers by, so I gave OTL's chair back a good shove with my front paws.

It's our secret sign, well mine actually, and it means, 'I want..............'!

OTL knew what the blank spot was.....'Walkies'!

I had this feeling the tide should be in by now and I just fancied a swim!

When we got down to the Sea Wall, the tide was about an hour away from being 'Swim-able' 

Of course, Miss Know It All said that we were just too early and kept asking where the water was!

Come on then, where's the water?
 She can be right annoying when she does that!

So, no swimming or splashing about, so let's go hunting some rabbit!

Well, we hunted and hunted and hunted, of course Little Miss Know It All Silly Knickers kept asking...

Come on then, where's the rabbits?
I was not a 'Happy Puppy'!

It's not my fault, honest!
Back home I headed for OTL's desk and collapsed into my cushion and had a snooze where I dreamt I had gone swimming and chased rabbits all over the place and Silly Knickers Holly had got left in the car where she couldn't scare off the rabbits!

You can't win them all, as OTL said, still, once in a while would be nice!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.