Thursday, 27 September 2012

Sneaky, Sneaky and Sneaky!

Hi Woofers!

It's Daisy & Holly back again!

It's funny what a nights sleep will do. We went to bed last night and it was still raining, not much but still dribbling down, this morning, Sunshine!

It looks like we are set for a couple of days of warm weather and balmy sky's!

So, we plan to go down to Dungeness and along the coast. OTL wants to wave his camera about and we want a run on the big sandy beach!

This morning we walked along The Sea Wall and enjoyed 'Sniffin the Sniffs' on the beach.

Just Sniffin the Sniffs!
We came across the fishermen who are normally there catching their dinner, but today, the had caught nothing!

One of them started to play a trick on Holly. She did her 'Got and Food Mister?' trick and one of them said 'Yes!'

'Oooo!' says Holly, licking her chops! Then he opened a plastic box, the sort you might keep sandwiches in!

He put his hand inside and brought out.............A Lead Weight!

Chew on that!

Sneaky or Wot!

Holly was right Miffed, she was all for peeing into his tackle box or having a chew of his boot laces, but in the end she just flicked her tail and walked away!

Now, when a dog flicks it's tail at you, that is the biggest insult you can get, it sort of translates into ' You're not worth letting sniff under my Tail!'

Back home to a brush and a snooze, after breakfast!

We do love our morning snooze, in fact Holly has the best snooze of the day in the mornings!

There are times when she is so into her snooze it takes all OTL's sneakiness to get he to get up and have here lead put on!

Snoozing Holly.
Holly hears OTL call out 'Walkies!' but doesn't move a claw. So, OTL comes in and tickles her tummy and says 'Walkies!'

Holly doesn't move a claw.

So, OTL leaves Holly and comes back out to me standing by the door and shouts out 'RABBITS!'

Holly comes flying off the sofa and tears around the corner, all Teeth and Tail, ready to chase a rabbit.

'Hello' says OTL, 'Fancy a Walk while your up?'

Now that's Sneaky!

We had a super walk at lunch time and Both Holly and I had a 'Practice Dig' at a hole, just sort of getting ready for Saturday when we expect to get onto that big sandy beach and dig 'Enormous Holes!

Just a little practice!

As we headed back to the car, we saw a very big and hairy looking Alsatian dog ahead of us. It was big and black and hairy and not the sort of friendly dog we expect to meet on our walk!

What are we going to do? Holly says that we should bluff the dog, so, we march along, just in front of OTL, and do the 'Throat Growl' which is not so much a challenge, more of a 'Stay Away if You Know What's Good for You!'

OK, Big and Bold !
'Big and Bold' says Holly and you know, it worked! The Alsatian glanced at us and then kept his nose to the ground and walked past!

'OK', says Holly 'Who's the Sneaky ones now?'

Back home for a snooze before dinner and then maybe a game of ball with OTL!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly