Saturday, 10 June 2017

Almost there!

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret!

Wot super hot day it has been today!

Last night was fun as well! Now, you know Old Two Legs has got himself a new hobby, gazing at little twinkly lights in the sky. Well, he has got a gissmo that he can attach to the 'scope and the attach his camera. That way he can take photo's f the stars and planets and the moon and any passing space ship!

Last night The Missus and the ferrets and Holly and me had all gone to bed, leaving OTL downstairs trying to take in the destruction details on setting up the computer controller on the 'scope.

OTL looks up and there, shining through the tree branches he spots 'The Moon'! Wot a chance here!

So, the scope gets set up and the camera is attached and out in the garden it all goes.

That's when the problems start!

First off, the moon is only visible through the trees branches and the leaves. So, OTL positions the 'scope where he thinks the moon will poke it's face around the corner.

It didn't. It carried on hiding behind the tree and then just as it was getting higher in the sky, the clouds came and covered the moon so that all there was to be seen was a bright blob in the sky!

It didn't help having the leaves waving about in the wind!
 Still, it proved the set up works, now all he has to do is find something that will stay in focus, be bright enough to see and interesting enough to include on my blog! What about Jupiter or Mars or a galaxy or two?

This morning the tide was out, so it was game time on the beach. Freddy tried to get Holly to have a race along the beach but Holly says she is saving herself for a game with Bert who she could see wandering along the Sea Wall.

No thanks, I'm off to torment Bert!
 Back home OTL has been gathering up all the stuff he wants to take away on holiday, camera stuff, telescope, binoculars and the instruction manual!

Some of the stuff has been loaded into the caravan and  the ferret cages have been loaded into the back of the car and need just water and food and some cat litter to make it habitable for the little monsters!

Lunchtime the tide was in and I went in for my traditional dip while the ferrets stuck to the shade of the Sea Wall.

OK, where's me stick?
 Holly decided that she was going to stay on top of the Sea Wall 'cos that is the best place to catch a few rays!

Up here is best, a gentle breeze that blows the sand flies away and no soppy ferrets chasing you!

This afternoon OTL was loading the awning into the caravan and then he was checking the oil and water and tyres and fuel. The car got cleaned yesterday so it now is all bright and sparkling clean. In fact OTL wouldn't let Holly and I inspect it 'cos he says that just for once he doesn't want grubby paw marks all over the dash board!

As if!

Tomorrow we are off early and will over night at Gretna Green where we normally stay. Then it's off to Carradale on Monday, so, don't panic if we miss out on a report, it will be 'cos we can't find any internetty connection!

See you soon!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.