Saturday, 31 January 2015

We have seen the Snow Fairy!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

Guess what? We saw the Snow Fairy today!  Not for long but she really did pass over us! There were whopping big flakes of snow but when they landed on the ground they all turned to water!

This morning there was just a small Red Dawn and Snowflake said that it was a case of 'Red Sky in the Morning, Ferrets Warning'!

Which means that it will Rain/Snow/Flood/or Something Else and we won't like it!

What ever it is it's going to be bad!

A Ferrets Warning!
Holly and I didn't take too much notice 'cos we decided to have a super fast chase around the beach. It started off with me having a roll in something really smelly on the sand!

Yes, Yes, YES!
 Then Holly started to chase me but as normal, I was too fast for her!

Slow Down I want to Catch You!
 Old Two Legs was having fun trying to catch me speeding along but I was almost too fast for him!

A Super Fast Speeding Daisy Dog!
We met up with that Bozo Sheep Dog Type of Puppy! He was still fascinated by OTL and his camera and the fact that he could see himself in the lens!

Look! Look! I can see me!
I mean, what a potty puppy!

When we got home there was a bowl full of Old Doggy Scoff waiting for us,


And one more, YUK!

It wasn't too long before The Cat Woman turned up to play 'Glue Slapping' with The Missus. The pair of them spent most of the day giggling and sloshing the Glue & Glitter all over the place!

A Right Pair Of Messy Crafters they are!

OTL has been working hard on the computer and the printer today, trying to get some pictures printed but some of the Nozzles in the printer look like they are bunged up with sticky ink, so you can imagine what he has been saying today!

He is off tomorrow early in the morning, so, TM will be taking us for our morning stroll.

She says that the ferrets will have to go without a walk 'cos there is no way she is walking along with two ferrets on a lead!

No sense of adventure, that's her problem!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Friday, 30 January 2015

Almost, but not quite!

Hi Woofers!

We're back again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Once again we have been disappointed!

Holly was looking at the weather forecast last night and said we should be expecting  snow drifts the size of houses and all the roads would be like skating rinks!

Well, it was a chilly wind and certainly it was cold, here in North Kent, but across the Thames what did we see?


How come they get the sun?
 I mean, it wasn't on. There we are, freezing and Southend on Sea gets balmy breezes and a heat wave!

Holly just couldn't believe what she was seeing and what was worse, she could sniff food on the wind!

I sniff Fish & Chips!
She stood there sniffing the wind and at one point she said there was something else on the wind!

It's a Breakfast Kebab as well!
Poor Holly, she had come out without any breakfast and her tummy was grumbling 'cos it needed filling!

I was on the beach and I made a discovery, snow!

OK, I know it wasn't tons of the stuff but it was definitely snow!

I had a little jump around it and the stuck my nose right in it and came out with frozen sand on my nose as well as snow!

Look! It IS Snow!
Back home to a snooze after some fresh Lambs Heart, then, while Holly was settling down to a snooze, Old Two Legs tried sneaking out of the front door with all the connectors and leads. He was off to deliver them and there was no way he was going on his own!

Leaving Holly snoring her tail off, I headed off with OTL.

It was fun driving down the motorway, singing our driving song and woofing at the trucks as we passed them!

Lunchtime the sun had gone, not even Essex was blessed with one sunbeam!

OTL was playing about with some Black & White shots of the breakwaters.

Well, he had to do something to take his mind off the grey sky!

Not even a Turnstone!
So that's it for today, OTL will be playing with his pictures tonight and tomorrow 'cos he is off to a meeting on Sunday and he wants to show his pictures and get some advice.

Holly reckons he should just go back to the 'Instruction Manual' and read it instead of just looking at the pictures!

See you tomorrow and with a bit of luck, we may get some snow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Sno Snow Fairy Yet!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

I don't know about where you live but here in North Kent we have had sunshine and blue sky's!

Holly and I woke up this morning expecting to see the Snow Fairy but were disappointed when we looked out of the window, just a very mild frost!

Even the ferrets got out of their Ferret Bag and went for a wander along the grass path before they got back in and let Old Two Legs carry them down to the beach!

Of course, Miss Snowflake said that it was cold but bearable once she was out of the wind!

Yeah, Not Bad Here Either!
Mr Brambles headed for the Sea Wall and challenged Snowflake to a race up the stairs. Mind you, he was a couple of yards in front when he said it!

Beat Ya!
Sneaky Ferret or Wot!

Back home it Lambs Heart and a snooze but I got a bit bored around eleven and decided I wanted another walk, so, I did what I always do, I jumped up and gave OTL's chair a good shove!

Now, he was trying to work on some very small connectors and could hardly see the hole where the wire should go, so, having me shoving him on the back was not on!

He got the message and off we went!

As it was still sunny, Holly asked when the Snow Fairy would be arriving, but OTL didn't really know and all he would say was....soon!

Look! Sunshine!
Down on the mud we spotted a few Turnstone plonking around in the mud looking for some stones to turn!

Gissa Stone?
Of course, after that we went home and let OTL finish off the connectors.

That left us without a walk at our normal time but we had a snooze to get over the walk, just like normal, that was until three thirty when I got that 'I wanna Walk' feeling. So, off I went to the back of OTL's chair and .............................I gave it another big shove!

Yep! He got the message and so, at five fifteen, we have just come back from another walk along the Sea Wall and down on the beach!

Still no snow, but the clouds were very dark and we were sure we could see snow falling from them, but not onto us!

Maybe tomorrow!

We're off now to do some mugging!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Windy & Cold and OTL spends the afternoon on his back!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles back again!

Well, today has bee fun, sort of!

Old Two Legs has been working on one of the most boring jobs he has to do, making up cables with connectors on each end. He sort of goes into a trance and he never hears anything we say to him!

Mind you, we got him out this morning for a walk and the wind and rain made it terribly cold!

The wind was so cold that it chilled all the sniffs down so we couldn't enjoy them!

These Sniffs are just Too Cold to enjoy!

Walking along the top grass path Holly was asking if we had to go onto the beach and could we turn around and go home now!

Do we have to go onto the beach?
OTL was having none of that and pretty soon we were at the beach steps and yes, Holly was still moaning!

I don't care what you say, I'm not playing sandcastles on the beach!

Miss snowflake managed to hide behind a stone and said that the wind was getting everywhere!

It get right up your fur you know!
 There were a couple of Curlew out on the mud and Mr Brambles shouted out 'Good Morning' to which they both called back a Good Morning an advised us to get indoors 'cos there is some nasty cold weather heading this way!

It's going to be cold, wet & windy!
 Holly said that it was good advice and could we go home now!

The ferrets by now had got into the grass and they said it was a lot warmer there than on the beach!

This is better!
 Holly said that her nice warm cushion was even warmer and more inviting than a patch of soggy wet grass!

Back we went and OTL carried on working away all morning. After our lunchtime dash along the Sea Wall, (It was still very windy and cold!) OTL decided to install some new computer cables to his office system. I was thrown out of my nice warm spot under his desk, Holly got fed up with the turmoil and headed off down stairs!

OTL was on his back under the desk knocking cable clips to the underside of the desk to hold the cables.

Now, OTL tells me that its hard to bang the nail in when you are on your back, in the dark, using black cable clips and if you are suffering from a cataract!

We found out just how difficult it was 'cos he hit his finger with the hammer instead of the nail  and not only did he say 'Ouch'! but where he hit it, it started to bleed!

Poor OTL, he hasn't done that for years!

So, nursing a painful finger with some plaster wrapped around it, he went back to the cables and connectors again!

He says it's safer!

I must say, I a agree with him!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Down The New Park Again!

Hi Woofers!

Here we are again, waiting for the snow, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

Well, we have been told that there is a good chance the Snow Fairy will be arriving soon and Old Two Legs says he is wondering what the ferrets will make of it!

Down on the beach there was Mr Curlew having a paddle and looking for breakfast, so we said hello and wished him well!

.......and good morning to you too young ladies!
Miss Snowflake dived off into the sea weed while Mr Brambles climbed back into the bag!

Looks a bit damp here!
Back home it was chicken for our breakfast then off to watch Old Two Legs working away making stuff.

Of course, then he had to take it all down to the carriers and get it shipped off to his customers.

That being done we then headed off to The New Park 'cos OTL didn't want to go paddling around in the mud in The Forest again!

As soon as we got there, OTL got the ball out and we had a great game of 'Chase The Ball' and of course I got all excited and just couldn't wait for him to throw it again and again and again!

Come On! Throw The WOOFING BALL!
Then he did and off I would go, charging down the path chasing the ball!

Got It!
Holly, being the lazy one, didn't even chase after the ball once! All she did was to prance about, sniffing the sniffs and saying that 'She doesn't do Balls!'

Don't do balls!
Then we spotted something that we knew OTL would love. Holly saw some Fly agaric mushrooms under one of the trees and of course, there he was, on one knee clicking away!

Don't normally see them this time of the year!
It was only when he turned around to see Holly and I laughing our tails off that he clicked that they were made of plastic!

You know, even the cows were laughing at the joke!

Plastic Mooshrooms!
 That was it, Holly and I were dashing all over the place calling out that there were some more 'Mooshrooms' over here!

Look, another Mooshroom!
It was so funny and OTL looked rather embarrassed at being laughed at by a couple of cows, well, Mother and Daughter!

Sorry about that, but it was sooo funny!
Holly found a super sniff and had a roll in it and when we got to the Indian Tee Pee I even suggested she stay outside because she Honked so much!

You really Honk!
Back home she got a good washing down by OTL, he had to 'cos The Missus refused to get near Holly 'cos of the stink!

I mean, Holly had to ride home in the back of the car, clipped to a ring on the floor!


So, that is our bit of fun today and we had a look at Google Earth to see Cayton Bay and it looks just like we would want for our beach, miles of sand and there must be loads of rabbits too!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Monday, 26 January 2015

A Fine Day for Hunting Squirrels!

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

You know, Old Two Legs didn't even wear his gloves this morning when we went out! It just shows you how mild it was, not that the ferrets agreed!

They both jumped out of the bag on the way down to the beach, had a wee, and jumped back in again!

Of course, when they got down onto the beach neither of them wanted a wee and instead huddled together pretending to be frozen stiff!

We're two poor Frozen Ferrets in need of a cuddle!
Not that we believed them, five minutes ago they were dancing along the grass path and not even mentioning the cold!

Holly just sat there watching and finally said.......................

Them? Frozen? They can Kiss My Tail!
When they finally reached to grass Path they were diving in and out of the grass and rolling about all over the place!

That was until they heard 'Heeeellloooooooooooo Girlie's!'

It was Barney come to see us!

Lovely to see you all again!
We all had a chat and even the ferrets said hello to Barney. Mind you, as big as Barney is, he is still a bit wary of the ferrets. Especially after I told him about Miss Snowflake biting OTL!

Both Holly and I stayed under the desk snoozing all morning until lunchtime when we loaded up the car and went delivering down in the town. Of course, after all that was done it was off to The Forest with OTL's wellies!

I must say, it was a bit quaggy and we all had muddy paws by the time we finished, even OTL!

We hunted high and low for squirrels and at one time Holly reckons she found some squirrel poo under the leaves!

Well, it Sniffs like Squirrel Poo!
OTL spotted two squirrels but by the time we saw them as well, they were half way up a tree and chattering away in squirrel speak!

Is that a Squirrel I see Before Me?
OTL got fed up with hunting squirrel and started to play about with the camera and going Zoooom! Zoooom! Zoooom!

It took ages for us to work out what he was doing!

 Back home we crashed out again under the desk and enjoyed a super snooze and only woke up when The Missus started rummaging around in the freezer and making a terrible noise!


So, that's it for now, we think OTL will be having Gammon Steak tonight, so that mean we get a good chance of mugging him for a nibble or two!

We finally got the maps of where we are going on holiday, South West Wales. OTL has never been down there, so it's going to be new to him. He says that it's also known as Little England 'cos there are so many English down there that were imported over the last few hundred years!

Who knows, we might be able to understand what they say!

OTL told us about when they went up to North West Wales to a place called Porthmadog and when he got to the top of a mountain called Snowdon!

Well, there's no mountains down where we are going so it will be sandcastles and moats!

We see that the caravan site is right on top of a big sandy beach, Holly and I are getting all excited already and even the ferrets say they are looking forward to digging some big holes!

TM plans to do a 'Master Class' down in Pontypridd which sounds nothing like wot it is spelt!

OTL says that his ancestors came from West Wales but doesn't know if it is North, West or South.

Typical of him, that side of his family always gets lost!

See you all tomorrow, we're off to study the maps!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Sunday fun hunting cats!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here again!

After yesterdays fun and games we over slept this morning! We were just too tired to wake Old Two Legs up, so he over slept as well!

That didn't please the ferrets too much 'cos they were ready to out almost as soon as they had finished slurping their Lactose Free Milk!

As soon as they had finished they headed for the 'Traveling Cage' and kept on calling out for OTL to 'Get a Move On!'

We're Ready!
Down on the beach it was a bit chilly and Mr Brambles had to ask for a cuddle until he warmed up. Miss Snowflake also wanted a cuddle but OTL said she needed some exercise!

Mind you, that didn't stop them being very cautious and Brambles sent Snowflake up the steps first, just in case that Bozo on a Bike was around!

It's OK, you wimp, there's no sign of him!
 Holly was already half way up the grass path waiting for them!

Oh, do hurry up, I'm starving and there's chicken waiting at home!
Trust Holly to think with her tummy!

I was playing a game with OTL, I bet him a Doggy Choc that I could fly by flapping my ears!

So I ran along the Sea Wall and he took a picture!

Flappy Ear Flying!
I Won!

Of course, the ferrets were having a ball in the grass, doing what ferrets do best...............!

Just having a Ferret Around!
Come lunchtime we were bundled into the big car and off we went to see Sassy & Tilly which was fun but a bit boring 'cos we were made to stay in one room, on our cushions, behaving ourselves!

That was until one of the cats arrived at the back door!

I tell you, the look on that cats face to see two woofers INSIDE while it had to stay OUTSIDE, in the cold, away from the food bowl and away from the comfortable chair!

Ah! Poor little Pussy Cats!

Back home we had the rest of our chicken dinner and then took up position waiting for OTL to get served his dinner!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

We're Still Here!

Hi Ho Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here, and no, we haven't got lost!

Yesterday we were down the beach as normal with the ferrets, Miss Snowflake was still looking for her rock!

It was here a couple of days ago!
Then we heard a terrible noise, a loud, terrible noise!

All of a sudden, over the hill came this Two Brain Cell, Two Legged Bozo riding a trail bike all over the grass paths. The mess made by the tyres was awful, all the grass chewed up and holes made by him  trying to do 'Wheely Starts'. A seriously anti social Bozo who could have easily have run over a woofer or even a ferret who was walking along the path!

Hooligan Bozo!
Back home there was all our stuff, you know, water bowl, chews, Doggy Scoff, Towels and rags to wipe out paws or backsides, depending on what gets grubby!

Then we were off to see Auntie Glynis and Uncle Alun, Old Two Leg's cousin!

They have some super woods at the back of their house, loads of new sniffs!

This is a Truffle Sniff!
 Mind you, we had to be careful in case we fell over the cliff edge 'Cos it was a long way down!

A Big Drop!
We decided to stick to the path and went back to sniffin!

The paths were well used by woofers and they soon turned into a quaggy mire!

It was a good job that OTL had brought his wellies!

Getting a bit Quaggy!
 We spotted a bird box like the one OTL has outside his window, except that this one didn't have a camera inside to watch what the birdies are doing!

High Rise Bird Box!
When the path got too quaggy, we turned around and went the other way but pretty soon it turned into another quaggy mire!

So, that was it, back to Alun's to get our paws washed before being allowed onto the carpet!

Getting a bit soft again!
We had a super day and didn't get back until late last night, so that's the reason we missed the blog, sorry!

Still, look on the bright side, you get two today!

See you tonight!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

Friday, 23 January 2015

A Little Bit Off The Back Miss?

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles back again!

Well, today's the day! We were up early'ish 'cos we had to take The Missus up the village hall for her Friday Glue Slapping get together!

Then it was off to the beach, only we couldn't go our normal way 'cos the road was blocked, someone doing something with the drains so they won't flood the road when the rain comes. Mind you, it is fun splashing through the puddles and watching the water come all over the bonnet of the car!

The sun was up when we got to the beach.

Good Morning Mr Sun!
Old Two Legs put the ferrets down on the beach and Miss Snowflake was off like a shot, looking for her rock.

She couldn't find it! OTL had put her down five feet further along than normal and she got all disorientated!

Some one has Nicked Me Rock!
Mr Brambles wasn't interested in rocks, all he wanted was to get back in the bag but OTL said he had to use his legs!

I really want to get back into the warm!
Miss Snowflake did her business and was back on the beach looking for OTL to pick her up as well!

While she was running around OTL's legs Mr Brambles was calling out for a lift!

Oi! I'm still cold and really want a cuddle, NOW!
They both had to run after OTL as he marched up the beach and before long they had warmed up and were climbing up the 'Rock Face'. Mr Brambles reckoned that if someone let a rope down from the top he could climb up and get to the grass path quicker!

Yes, a rope let down there and we could be up like a flash!
Off they went again and Mr Brambles pushed in front of Snowflake as they got to the steps and while he was climbing up Snowflake turned to OTL and said.................

He can talk to his own tail!
From the beach we headed off to the Poodle Parlour for our 'Shampoo and Set'. You know, OTL has a shower every morning and we just don't know he puts up with all that soap and water splashing over him, even if it's warm!

We get dumped into a big basin full of warmish soap and water and we get washed from our nose to the tip of our tails!

Then, we get blow dried by this hand held jet engine!

Then it's out with the electric clippers and I must admit, I'm glad the jet engine blows warm air!

It is after lunch that we were declared as 'Done' and we are put in a cage to await OTL to find enough money to buy our release!

Hey! We just got some info on young Lucy Babe, you know she is having a course of treatment at the vets, well, she has got a super looking new knitted jacket with a Fur Collar!

Seriously Smart!

That's A Looking Good Lucy Babe!
She is getting used to the visits and now doesn't need the 'Sleepy Pill', she is super brave, I need a 'Sleepy Pill' just to get me in the front door, never mind when they stick needles into you!

Rock on Lucy, keep yer tail up Girl!

Well, that's it for today. OTL says we got a lot planned for the weekend and there will be no staying in bed later than normal!

Yeah! Someone aught to tell him about getting up on time!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.