Sunday, 29 July 2012

Holly has an Idea!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you.

It has been a mixed day today, first of all it was sunny.

Got Any Food?
 A super walk alone The Sea Front, the tide was right in, the fishermen were fishing and there were Two Legs walking along beside the sea.

The gulls were all waiting for the tide to go out so they could get their breakfast, some of them looked grumpy 'cos they had to wait!

When does the cafe open?
 I took a look at the water and decided it was just right for a paddle and dipped my claw into the sea!

Then I dipped my whole leg in and then my tummy and finally I wet my tail!

Old Two Legs had brought a ball with him, so, we played a game of 'Fetch the Ball' which was OK until he through it too far into the water and I lost my confidence and we had to watch it float away on the tide!

Bye Bye Ball!
Well, that was it, no more swimming and not more ball chasing, so off we went to see what else we could play with!

Holly found a couple of Super Sniffs but OTL wouldn't let her roll in them!

We said 'Hello' to Mrs Corvid who was sitting on the railings dreaming of a big juicy Whelk!

I just fancy a Big Juicy Whelk!
OTL found a Butterfly called a Gatekeeper, we asked which gate he looked after but OTL didn't know, which makes a change 'cos OTL normally knows Everything!

We got fed up with chasing butterflies and started to search the undergrowth for rabbits, we heard a funny noise, a sort of 'scrabbling' sound. Well, we stood there trying to work out what it was!

All of a sudden Barney jumped out of the grass in front of us 'Gottcha Girlies'!

That was it, we had a run and chase about with Barney before he got called away to continue his walk!

While I was sniffin after more rabbits, Holly sat down and said 'I have an Idea'

I've got an Idea!
You know the Olympics are on at the moment, well, I've got a brilliant idea for a really fun race.

OK, I said, I'm all ears!

Holly then explained her idea but as I pointed out, it was just a relay race like wot they have already. Holly said that our race would be different, instead of a wooden baton that would be passed from one runner to the next, we would have a Carrot that would be passed at each change over!

Just imagine, a team of dogs running around the track passing the carrot. I said that was fraught with danger 'cos not every would be happy giving away a juicy carrot. Can you imagine it, first dog runs to the change over place and sits down for a chew on the carrot, the second dog tries to pick up the carrot but gets warned off by the first dog. Then while the first dog is chewing on the tip of the carrot that he has broken off, the second dog grabs the carrot and runs off, trouble is, he has run off to the centre of the grass in the middle of the running track and quickly buries it for safe keeping!

Hmmmm, says Holly, I suppose you have a point, lets go home and eat our carrots and think again!

Bye bye for now, see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly