Saturday, 7 May 2011

We're Here!

Hello Woofers!

D&H here, on holiday, in a place that was used by the Desert Rats, well that's what Old Two Legs tells us!

We got here with no real trouble, in fact we slept most of the way here. So, when we arrived we were full of it and wanted to have a really long walk!

OTL got going and got the caravan set up and we went with him to get the water.

OTL even put up the Tibetan Prayer Flags, OTL says we need all the help we can get to have good weather and not so much rain!

I thought I saw a squirrel!
 Holly said she had seen a little rat with a big hairy tail that ran up trees! I said they were called squirrels and they are supposed to be very tasty, providing you can catch them!

OTL took us for a walk in the forest and I saw a fox and went tearing after it to say 'hello'. I'm not sure he understood what I wanted 'cos it turned tail and seemed to disappear into the forest!

Forest Run
 We went on further and saw some birds and loads of trees!

We also saw the 'Desert Rat', well a picture of it. At first we thought it was supposed to be a picture of a Dormouse but OTL said it was the Desert Rat badge.

Desert Rat that looks like a Dormouse!
 Holly and me found a stick and had a good tug to see who should carry it back to show The Missus, but it broke and we ended up with a stick each!

Holly was looking out the caravan window and started woofing and said there was a squirrel outside, so we both woofed and it ran up the tree again!

It's hard work squirrel watching!
 I kept a close lookout in case it came back but I fell asleep waiting!

Just in time to go to bed and dream of what we are going to do tomorrow!

Bye for now,


Daisy & Holly

DEFCON 3 and all that!

Hi All!

Daisy & Holly here again.

Today there has been loads of movement in and out of the house, we have seen the caravan door open and close so many times I reckon Old Two Legs will need to have a look at the hinges to see if they are worn out!

I know we are supposed to be going on holiday tomorrow but Holly and I think they could be about to 'pull a fast one' and sneak off today without telling us!

So, we are on 'High Alert' or as Holly says, 'DEFCON 3'

That means, Holly on the back of the arm chair watching everything going in and out of the front door.

Your under Surveillance and I'm counting the boxes!
 Me on the stairs keeping an overall watch on the transportation of food stuffs!

Got my Eye on You and I don't see any of My Pig Bones!
We saw that Trevor left a comment yesterday about having an armed guard with OTL when he fills the car up with fuel, silly boy Trev, OTL has got D&H Guarding on constant guard!

Well, all morning we were watching OTL & TM, then suddenly activity stopped, The Missus sat down and played on her computer and OTL was still in his office throwing bits of paper about!

It's not that we don't trust them, it's just that we don't trust them, if you know what I mean!

So, Holly took over 'Stairs Patrol' and I had a 'pretend' snooze in the day bed in OTL's office!

OTL finally got all his work done and called us to go for a car ride to deliver some stuff and then a run around the New Park.

When we got there we first of all said 'hello' to the Not Not Neddies, but they didn't reply, as normal!

Not Not Neddies saying Nothing!
 Then we went down to the swimming hole and said hello to the lads down there who always seem to be hanging around the pond!

Holly put her front paws on the bridge and did some 'push ups', she said it made her look all slim and trim.

Do I look good or wot!
 So I tried it and decided that Holly was talking a load of old cats poo!

In your dreams Porkie!

We bumped into Patrick and had a sniff all round!

Yo Patrick my lad!
 Then we met 'Dobby' a little bundle of fun and fur! He wouldn't leave us alone and his owner had to come and pick him up before he would leave us!

It's Dobby Dog!
 OTL said that the only other Dobby he has heard of was a 'House Elf' in the Harry Potter films!

 As we were getting near to the car OTL pointed out a large plume of smoke and said that we were near to that before we came to The New Park and we were lucky not to have got caught in the traffic jam!

We were near that a while ago!

I hope they clear it all away before tomorrow 'cos me and Holly are off on holiday in the morning, if we can get OTL and The Missus to get up early enough.

Maybe a lot of woofing or better still, the old 'cold wet nose' in the ear, that normally does it!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly