Thursday, 1 November 2012

It's Hard Being on Guard!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again!

You know, we really do earn our keep in this house. There we are, on call day or night to protect the house from burglars and sneaky cats and what thanks do we get?

There we were last night, doing the rounds, checking the doors and windows. Holly tripped over the power supply for The Missus's laptop and stubbed her claw, gave a bit of a yelp, I thought she had spotted something and was doing the 'Guard Woof', joined in with the woofing and Holly thought the same thing and joined me doing the 'Guard Woofing'

Well anyone can make a mistake, the way Old Two Legs went on you would have thought we had started WW III!

We over slept this morning, we put it down to OTL showing off last night and keeping us up!

This morning down on The Sea Wall, there were puddles all over the place 'cos it rained last night. Holly and I had fun splashing through the puddles 'cos we had our coats on, so all we got wet was our paws and tummy!

Looking at the clouds, you could see the rain blowing away.

Bye Bye Rain!
 We met up with with the Labrador who thinks OTL is wonderful. As normal, up he comes, all happy, wagging his tail and making and excited noises that in doggy says 'Hello I'm So Pleeeased to See You!'

Holly says he's a creep and would do anything for a stroke behind the ear!

Hello OTL!
That's the trouble with the Labrador breed, always playing up to the Two Legs and looking dopey!

Back home to a Chicken Breakfast and a snooze until the Postman arrives, we do our 'Guard Woofs' and he laughs and calls us 'Killers', he's OK and knows we wouldn't hurt him, much!

Come lunch time, OTL piles us into the car and off we go, but not around to The Sea Wall, no we head off into town to get some petrol for the car, that's 'cos OTL is working again this Saturday morning.

Now, because we are in the town, that means we are close to three of our favourite places, The Farm and The Forest and The New Park, so, we jumped up and down and got all excited and the gave OTL a lick on the ear and told him we wanted to go to The Forest to chase Squirrels!

Good Old OTL, he nearly always does as we tell him!

We started off running up the path but were surprised to see a car and trailer parked in the middle of the pathway.

'Here' says Holly, 'That's not allowed!'

You can't park that there!
 As we got up to the car we spotted some Two Legs sitting around having a cup of tea and OTL told us they were the Rangers or Friends of The Forest who were doing some clearing up of the trees.

Tea Break!
 Holly says they should be working instead of drinking tea!

 It was good to be down the forest again and the colours were super. 
Holly said that it was Golden Sunshine on Golden Leaves!

She can get all poetic sometimes!

All Golden!
As we were having a sniff around, OTL dived off into the undergrowth, guess what he was looking for?

Yep! Fungi!

First he found some small Bracket Fungi

Small Bracket Fungi
Then after ferreting about some more, he found some larger Bracket Fungi!

Larger Bracket Fungi!
Now, do you remember he found a fungi growing out of a tree stump and couldn't work out what it was? Well today we had another look and he reckons it is Beefsteak Fungi!

Beefsteak Fungi.
It looked Horrid!

It was red and gooey looking and was the consistency of raw liver!

I got fed up waiting for him finish messing about, so Holly and me went off looking for Squirrels!

I saw One!
As normal, they stayed high in the trees and shouting rude squirrel things at us. 

It's a good job we don't speak squirrel!

We were having a sniff for them on the ground when all of a sudden there was a shower of Chestnuts landed on Holly, me and OTL. Holly thought that we were under attack from all the squirrels in the forest at the same time! It was only when OTL pointed out that the wind was blowing the nuts off the tree that we realised what was happening. These trees can be dangerous some times!

Who threw that lot?
We met up with a Fox Terrier type who came crashing out of the bushes, ran up to Holly and said 'Have you seen any Squirrels?'

Well, Holly wasn't going to let on about any squirrel we stood a chance of catching, so she pretended not to have seen any today.

Sneaky or wot?

Seen any Squirrels?
OTL was by now also keeping his eyes open for squirrels and claims he saw one in the trees but when we looked, we think all he saw was falling leaves!

Squirrel? No, Leaves!
Holly and I kept on searching all over the place, we even climbed up some of the trees where we could and ran along fallen trees as well searching for their scent!

Mmmm, Squirrel Droppings!
OTL was trying to spot them but to be honest, his eyes are going, his sense of smell has gone and he really can't run very far or fast, so it is left up to me to do the real hunting!

Super Squirrel Hunter!
Holly is getting better, she can't run as fast but she can climb up and 'Spot' the squirrels, that is until she falls off the tree trunk!

It's a bit slippy up here!
So, there it is, we've had a super afternoon chasing squirrels and when we got home we had a wash 'cos our legs and paws were rather muddy! Then off to mug OTL for some of his Meat Balls and Rice! Then we shall settle down to an evenings snooze and dream of Hunting Squirrel again!

No squirrel but it just looks nice!
Tomorrow we are off to get our hair cut and nails trimmed and have a shampoo & set.

Now that should be fun!

We will get OTL to take a picture of us just to let you know what we look like, but our fur doesn't really settle down for three or four days, then we really look 'The Business'! 

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly