Friday, 1 June 2012

We're Here!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here in 'Sunny'? Romney Marsh!

It has been a bit of a rush around today and we are whacked!

This morning we went for our morning walk along The Sea Wall with Old Two Legs and the sun was shining and it was a gentle breeze blowing off the sea.

Walking the Walk and Sniffin the Sniffs!
 And of course I was there.........

Sniffin the Sniffs and Walking the Walk!
Back home The Missus was packing the last stuff into the caravan ready to go away.

There was our Choc Drops and Teeth Cleaning Chews plus some Pigs Ears and Chicken Fillets and our Chicken & Rice Chews. Not to mention our frozen Chicken Legs and some Lambs Heart. Then of course our Doggy Towels and Beds and Blanket, not forgetting Hollies Puppy Toy (she takes it to bed every night!) Our food bowls and drinking bowls, then of course US!

We sat in the car while OTL hitched the caravan up and off we went!

It was fun driving along with my nose out of the window, loads of strange sniffs all at fifty miles an hour! Speed Sniffin on the motorway!

We arrived on the caravan site about two thirty and of course, the first thing we did was to check the place out! Holly and I took TM for a walk around the field to get up to date on the sniffs and say 'Hello' to the sheep and lambs. The lambs had certainly put on a bit of weight since we last saw them and they were all eating grass now!

OTL got the caravan all set up and the electricity connected. We got back from our walk and decided to have a snooze. OTL wandered off to get water and Holly and I decided we wanted to go with him, so TM let us off the lead and we had a great time chasing each other around the field and woofing at OTL!

Just as we got all settled down the clouds came over and it started to rain! Now this is not on! We didn't come all this way to sit in the caravan watching the raindrops run down the window, so we woofed at the clouds and told them where to go!

Us in the caravan!
Let's hope they soon clear off 'cos we have sniffed some interesting sniffs that seem to come from the field across the road, so tomorrow morning we hope to get over there and investigate.

Plus, there is the sandy beach and the holes we got to dig, I mean, we can't do that if it rains!

I don't do Rain!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly