Saturday, 15 September 2012

Lazy Saturday!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here.

We've had one of those lazy sort of days, after the morning run we had some fun trying to stay awake while watching Old Two Legs working away in the garden!

It was terrible hard work, staying awake I mean, not what OTL was doing!

Lunchtime came and off we went again, down to The Sea Wall and the tide was right in!

I got down there and suggested to Holly and OTL that we should go for a swim.

OTL said it was too cold and Holly said it was too wet!

Fancy a Swim?
That was it, all I could do was mooch along looking for new sniffs. I found a dead crab that a sea gull had eaten for lunch, it was a bit off, but these gulls will eat anything!

Yucky Dead Crab!
A bit further on I found some stuff left by the Two Legs and the flowers were really horrid Prickly Things. Not very nice when you get close for a sniff, then if you get too close, the prickly bit pokes your nose and makes you jump!

Holly and I came across a couple of Two Legs gathering Sloes for their gin! Whatever turns you on as OTL says!

Nibble or Sloe?
Trouble was, they had three young Spaniel dogs that were too interested in sniffin my tail!

I gave them a woof and even snapped at them but they wouldn't stop, so OTL crouched down and I jumped up on his shoulders out of their reach!

That sorted them out and they were put on their leads, that sorted them out good and proper!

When we got back, OTL carried on with the garden but had to give up in the end as he had filled up the two rubbish bins for garden waste, so that means he gets a rest until next weekend when he will have to start again!

No plans for tomorrow yet, we'll have to have a chat with OTL tonight and see what we can do!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly