Saturday, 21 February 2015

A Day with OTL

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles back again!

Down here in North Kent it was raining when we went for our morning walk, not heavy rain but that sort of rain that's cold and gets through your fur and makes you go Brrrrr!

Miss Snowflake made us laugh, she insisted that having a 'Wee Alfresco' was the best way to start the day.

I Love an Alfresco Wee!
Holly said that all our weeing was done 'Alfresco' 'cos Old Two Legs won't let us use the loo in the house!

Holly has been doing some serious investigations and reckons that there are more rabbits this year. At every opportunity, she is over in the Rabbit Hunting Ground looking for rabbits to chase.

All she has found so far is one rather saucy cat who spat at her!

They are here, I know they are!
The Missus spent the day up at the village hall at the monthly crop, all 'Gas and Glitter'!

OTL said that today we should be getting a Spring Tide, that is one when it comes up the beach a bit further than normal.

We got him to take us out a bit earlier than normal for our lunchtime walk and had some fun trying to mug the fishermen who were setting up their rods on The Sea Wall.

Oi! Gissa a Sarnie or I'll bite yer ankle!
It didn't work, they have been mugged by Holly before and now know not to bring any sarnies with them when the fish off our shores!


We were down on the beach a bit too early for the High Tide but we did see the waves start to lap on the shore.

Here come the waves!
OTL said that the High Time wouldn't be for another couple of hours but he would take us all the way down to the end of the Sea Wall and back again!

It made a change to see the Medway Fort from another angle!

That's a new side!
I found an old lump of wood that looks like it could have been part of an old dock and as I was standing on it pretending to sail it down the river, OTL says he wants to sit on it!

I had to tell him!

Woof Off! This is My Boat!
Sorted him out I did!

Down near the Power Station there is an outlet for all the warm water from the power station and the ducks and geese love to paddle in the pool 'cos the water is warmer than the river water!

A Ducky Lido!
When the tide comes right in, the water from the Power Station laps over the wall making the Lido a super warm bath for them!

Stand Bye Lads, Warm water is arriving!
Back home we had our brush and a few Choc Drops, a nibble of Doggy Scoff and a slurp of Ferret Milk!

Followed by a snooze!

It wasn't too long before OTL had to go and pick up TM from the Village Hall, so we sat looking out of the window until she got back!

We hear that Lucy Babe is getting to the end of her visits to the vets and everything is looking good!

Rock on Girl! Claws are all crossed this end of the world!

By the way, we also hear that it is Auntie Sue's birthday today, so all together now.........


We are off to see what OTL's got for dinner, maybe we'll be lucky!

Tomorrow we are going for 'Take Two' of TM's attempt to demonstrate the 'Bleeding Tissue' technique, it seems that Holly's cheering while they were filming wasn't appreciated by TM!

That's the trouble with these 'Stars', nothing but a bunch of Primadonna's

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.