Friday, 29 June 2012

Chips and Dozzer and F1 Racing!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly & WHaaaaaaaaaaaCHoooooooo! Here again!

What a Friday! Today we took delivery of a Solar Powered Fountain for the pond!

Now, is that impressive or wot!

First thing this morning we went for our stroll along The Sea Wall, the sky didn't look to good but we kept our claws crossed fo a bit of sunshine!

Not the best start!
Then we bumped into Barney, well, not so much bumped, rather run over by Barney and his mate called 'Dozzer'

Yo Girlies!
First of all Barney came running over the hill with his ball in his mouth ready to have a game with Old Two Legs. Before they could get into the game of 'Throw The Ball' we saw a Retriever type in a 'Playful Crouch' position. Barney went tearing up to see him and the pair got into a game of 'Chase'

Hey! Barney, get a load of this Sniff!
Then Dozzer found a good sniff and had a roll. That got him into trouble!

It was getting too much for Holly and me, we prefer a more gentle game! 

Holly down the Home Straight!
So, we left them to it and went off to play F1 racing along the Sea Wall.

We got home and OTL did a sneaky trick of getting us all sorted and about to snooze when he sneaked off to do some deliveries all on his own!

When he got back we went for another run along The Sea Wall.

Holly's Just Ahead
We said 'Hello' to Mr Corvid who was out looking for some lunch!

Mr Corvid looking for lunch
Then had another game of F1 racing but this time I won instead of Holly!

Back home we had been invaded by the Chips Away Team, well, a couple of lads who had come around to repair some chips in the big car where other drivers have opened their doors and bashed into OTL's car door.

Burger and Chips TakeAway
The first time Holly saw that she said she fancied Chicken and Chips or maybe a Burger and Chips TakeAway!

OTL gets all cross when they damage his car and he got even crosser when he found out how much it was going to cost to repair the damage!

When it was all done, the bodywork looked like new. Let's hope it stays like that!

Now, this fountain thingy. OTL spent a lot of time getting it positioned correctly into to deepest part of the pond and we were all wondering if he was going to fall in as he put it in the pond!

Luckily, he didn't, which was a shame really 'cos Holly and I would have still been laughing!

This thing has a Solar Panel that makes the fountain work, but only in direct sunlight.

It also has battery backup which means it can work at night for four hours throwing water into the air's got LED lights that light up the water as well!

We can't wait for the night to come so we can see it working!

Night Time Fountain
There, now wasn't that worth waiting for!

Wot about this one then?

Ooooo! Sparkles
We know what OTL is going to be doing come the warm nights, he is going to be sitting by the pond, sipping his whisky and watching the fountain bubble away!

Have a good weekend and see you all tomorrow!


Daisy, WhaaaaaaaaCHooooooo and Holly!