Tuesday, 22 November 2011

It's Another Foggy, Foggy, Foggy, Foggy, Foggy Day!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again!

What is the matter with the weather? I know it's Autumn and getting close to Winter and Christmas is five weeks away, but come on, you can have enough of fog!

We went out with The Missus this morning for our 'early walk' and for a change she took us down the Sea Wall. Holly and I were out of the car like rockets when we got there, just to chase a rabbit you understand, and we couldn't even see the brambles let alone see a rabbit!

I went off to have a sniff around, as you do, but Holly kept close to TM in case she got lost, Holly that is, not TM!

It was a good run and we spotted a Green Woodpecker on the ground having a peck at the ants nest. There was the fog horn moaning away in the fog and Holly still believes it's the ghost of the pirate ship that got wrecked hundreds of years ago, well, that's what I told her, she'll believe anything. There are times when she's a right Dimbo!

After breakfast of chicken and a good brush down by Old Two Legs, we settled down for our 'after breakfast snooze', waking only to woof at the postman!

Lunch time came and we mugged OTL for a bit of his lunch then bullied him into taking us down The Farm. We had so much fun last time that we wanted a longer walk this time.

So, off we went and as OTL was looking for fungi, we were of looking for squirrels and foxes!

Coo-eee! Foxy Foxy!
We didn't see any foxes but I did get to chase a squirrel up a tree!

It's no fun when they get away!
Trouble was, it just flew up the tree and not even Holly could climb up after it! Sneaky squirrel!

It seemed that the fog was getting thicker and Holly was getting worried about finding her way back to the car!

 Which ways home?
While we were wondering which way to go, OTL suddenly dived off the path and into the trees. I thought, 'That's My Trick'! so, Holly and I dived in after him to see what was happening!

As normal, he had found some toadstools to take a picture of, so we left him to it and had a sniff for a rabbit or a fox.

When we got back, OTL was nattering to himself, sort of, well he seemed to be talking to someone rather than to himself. We thought he had finally gone potty and Holly said we should lead him back to the car and get him home A.S.A.P. or even better, as soon as possible!

It wasn't until he got home that we took a close look at the toadstool he was photographing.

OTLs  new friend!
Now we have a problem, do we tell TM that OTL is talking to the Fairies?

Will they lock him up?

Will we be allowed out with him again!

Will he be 'away with the Fairies' on a permanent basis?

Watch this blog!

Now we're off for some dinner!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly