Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Wot a Wet One and Holly is Not Happy!

Hi Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again!

Wot a day it has been, not really the weather to go running through the grass!

We went out with Old Two Legs this morning and were decidedly unimpressed with it all!

We don't do Wet!
As Holly said, 'We don't do wet and shouldn't be forced out in it especially after having a hair cut'!

In fact Holly was showing off all the way around The Sea Wall and even complained of rain drops falling in her ears!

Get this wet outta my ears!
I said 'that would make a good song'! Holly just carried on grumbling! In the end even I agreed that a short cut home would be a good idea!

So we stopped and both pointed our noses at the short cut path back to the car. I think OTL was glad we had both had enough of the rain, especially as we could see that the rain had soaked his trousers and was dripping out of the ends of his legs!

OK, we've had enough now!
Back home it was a good rub down with our 'Doggy Towels' and off to the Day Bed for a morning of snoozing under a blanket!

You know, we only came out from under the blankets for a woof at the man who was delivering the pond liner!

We can't see OTL playing in the garden at the moment 'cos as soon as he puts the liner down, it would fill up with water before he got it into the correct position!

After lunch we went out with OTL to deliver some stuff then ended up at The New Park!

Out we jumped from the car and started down the path, Holly said it had started to rain but I felt a bit warm and asked that my coat be taken off!

I had a game with OTL of 'Chase The Ball' Holly didn't seem to interested in ball chasing and just walked behind dragging her paws.

We had a run on the wet grass, ball chasing and woofing at the other dogs.  Holly still didn't get into the game and kept on asking 'Do we Have to go this way, it's so wet'?

Do we Have to go this way?
 She was a real old Grumpy Puppy today and when we did start back towards the car, she still had a face like a smelly poo!

I am Not Happy about this!
We met up with some other dogs on the way back and all of them left Holly alone, they just had a sniff and tail wag with me!

We were almost at the car when the rain started again and Holly said that she had 'Told Us So' and that the rain was getting down her neck again!

See, it's raining now!
I called her an 'Old Grumble Guts' and said that if she keeps wrinkling her nose like that she would stay like that and look ugly forever!

She said she didn't care and wanted to get back to the warm!

Not even a fight! I was almost disappointed!

Still, we got some chicken for dinner tonight plus whatever we can mug off OTL.

Then it's a cuddle and a snooze before going to bed.

See you tomorrow, claws crossed for some sunshine!


Daisy & Holly