Sunday, 24 March 2019

A Sunday Drama!

Hi Woofers!

It's Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Eric de Ferret and Monty de Ferret here!

Wot a super sunny day it's been here in North Kent!

Mind you, it has be a little 'Fraught' and I'll tell you all about it!

It starts off yesterday when the TV wouldn't switch on, there was sound coming out but no pictures. So, Old Two Legs, being an all round handy sort of Two Legs played about with the controller and found that nothing happened when he pressed the buttons. So, he did what any TL genius would do and he re booted the whole system.

Well, yesterday it worked and the picture came back an hey presto we could watch TV until late last night when we all went to bed.

Now, next Tuesday is The Missuses Birthday and she is numpity two years old which is a good age for a Two Legs. So, to celebrate she has demanded a load of card manufacturing stuff which she will need on Sunday to follow something on the TV.

So, instead of getting her prezzie on Tuesday she beats OTL up and gets it on Sunday!

No surprises on her birthday!

This morning she set about getting everything ready for this Thingy and switched the TV on.

TV no work, we could hear the voices but no picture!

TM now starts to get into a bit of a panic. OTL starts to get ear ache, us woofers head back to bed where it's safe!

OTL does a reboot and heads off with Holly and I saying that it will probably come on in a while.

Down amongst the bushes we chased a rabbit but lost him and OTL found some Honey Suckle that had blossomed!

Well, we think it's Honey Suckle!
 OTL didn't stick his nose in the bloom, just in case it started his hay fever off early in the year!

We went off sniffing for more rabbits but they had all gone!

Not a sniff to be found!
Back home we found the TV was still unwell, in fact it looked terminal, seriously terminal!

Holly and I were sitting up at the bedroom window watching the world go by when who should be marched out? OTL! Off to get another TV before the appointed hour!

It was an hour later that they returned, without a TV!

Seems that the one they wanted wasn't in stock so OTL had to pay for it and have it delivered on Monday.

We will be looking forward to getting all set up for Monday evening viewing and we will have to have a DVD selected to prove it is as good at the sales man says it is!

Lunchtime we took May and Eric out for a run and being Sunday there were loads of TL's walking out in the sunshine. Of course there were those who wanted to play with the ferrets and stroke them and have their picture taken holding May or Eric!

The best part of the walk was meeting up with some of our mates.

Yo Scruff! How's yer Woofing!
 Scruffs mate was with him and we call him Yappy, now Yappy thinks OTL is great and always comes to him for a cuddle!

 So, here we are, the only TV is in OTL's office and TM has to watch TV on her computer. Us woofers reckon it's a good thing to have a bit of peace and quiet for a while!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Eric de Ferret and Monty de Ferret.