Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Mary Celeste II is launched!

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here.

It's been an exciting day today, first of all we went for our morning jog along the beach while the ferrets did what ferrets do best!

Just 'Ferreting About'!
It was cloudy and very overcast but the sun was trying to get through the clouds and at one time we did see some blue, just enough to make a pair of sailors trousers, as Old Two Legs would say!

OK, where's the Sailor?
 Miss Snowflake said that she looked nothing like a train and to prove it she would run along the Sea Wall so Old Two Legs could take a photo!

08:30 to Paddington!
Now, just look at that photo, is that a Ferret Train or is that a Ferret Train!

Back home we saw that OTL had received an SMS on his phone saying that the new rowing machine is due to arrive this morning, then he got another to say that it would be delivered in the next thirty minutes, then he got another to say that it would be delivered in the next ninety minutes!

OTL went back to cleaning the ferret poo pots and cooking our breakfast!

A bit later, there was a big van pulled up outside and the delivery driver was struggling to get a big box out of the side door. The Rowing Machine had arrived!

We helped OTL unpack it and got the packing stuff all over the place! It was great fun chewing on the bits and then spitting them back into the box! Phattooee!

The instructions looked very complicated but it wasn't too long before OTL had it all screwed together and working.

It looks a bit flasher than the old one but this one is a bit lighter, and the seat is bigger, so that's a good thing for OTL!

As soon as it was finished I jumped on and 'Launched' it by saying, 'I name this Rowing Machine, Mary Celeste II and Gawd help all who paddle on her!'

Well and Truly Launched!
OTL said that I should have a go by paddling it around the office for a while. I think my 'Woof Off' made it clear that he had the machine all to himself, even the ferrets didn't want to know!

Mind you, it looks like the alarm will be reset for six tomorrow, there goes our lay in!

Next problem is to get rid of the big cardboard box. He packed all the packaging inside and put it in the back of the car, next he got us ready and we went in the car as well!

As we got near to the tip, there was a great long line of cars all stopped and not going anywhere 'Blow This For a Game of Woofers' says OTL and turns the car around and headed for The New Park!

Twice in two days! Are we lucky or Wot!

As soon as we are let off the lead, we start chatting with the other Woofers and Holly got chatting to Holly!

She was one of those 'Scruffbag' doggies that are always friendly and willing to have a chat!

My names Holly as well!
Moo'ing on we met up with a strange Heifer, Holly says 'Wot's Your Name?' and he says 'Lamb Chop!' and Holly says 'That's a Strange Name' and he says 'Not for a Sheep'!

Holly was going to get into a discussion but OTL called her away, so we never found out the story behind the name!

Call me Lamb Chop!
 We got to the play ground and I had a jump up on the tree trunk and sniffed the air, was that Rabbit I could sniff?

Yes it was! Off I went like a Rocket Powered Puppy and pretty soon OTL and Holly were left miles behind. I ended up in the woods but unfortunately I bumped into a big patch of burrs, and I was stuck, I couldn't move without them hurting and scratching me, it was horrible!

OTL and Holly finally arrived and set about De-Burring me! It took a little while and several attempts to get them all out, I was not a happy puppy!

Back at the play ground Holly was playing 'Hide and Woof' with OTL and she was hiding behind the wall but what she didn't know was that OTL could see her through the window!

Holly's Best Side!
On our way back to the car OTL spotted a tree with some buds bursting, so, he just had to take a picture and call it 'Spring'!

We went up to the tip on the way back but the line of cars was still there, so, off home, we can always come back another day!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles