Thursday, 20 January 2011

Indians or Badgers?

Hi everyone!

Guess who's here?

Yes! Cor-r-r-rect! 

It's Daisy & Holly back again!

The sunshine today made us feel really good. We went out this morning with Old Two Legs and had a great run across the fields. We saw loads of pigeons feeding on the cabbages in one of the fields. In the middle of the field was a dirty old oil drum standing on it's end. 

Well, we were looking at this and all of a sudden the oil drum went BANG! and a big puff of smoke came out of it. 

This not only made us jump but scared the pigeons as well, they all flew up to the top of the trees and stayed there complaining loudly about the noise and how they would get indigestion if it carried on! 

That was sooo funny!

After OTL had done all his work we reminded him that he promised to take us to the New Park again. So, off we went in the car, singing songs, until we came to the New Park. 

We got there and there were loads of dogs running around, we made friends with a gang of Yorky's, well that's what OTL called them.

The Yorkie Lads
I thought they were sweet and gentle and very well behaved puppies.

Unlike Holly who asked them if they would grow any more because they looked too small to be real dogs. 
She can be so rude sometimes!

We went on a bit further, past 'The Guardians' and we found a sort of hole full of pine cones. Holly said they were for the squirrel's lunch time snack and they also were used by rabbits to play football with!

Pine Cones for the Squirrels
We met up with an old sheep dog, who, while sniffing a fence post, told us of the tale of the Mad Badgers Ghost that was often seen in the park after closing time.

We hid in the bird hide just in case it decided to get up early!

Watching for the Mad Badgers Ghost
After a while we decided it was too early to see the badger and went off playing Wolves & Indians. We pretended we were surrounded by hostile Indians and we had to woof them all away while hiding behind rocks.

OK, where's the Indians?
We have asked OTL if he will take us down there again tomorrow, Holly wants to try and find the Mad Badger, I just think she is mad to try.

I'd prefer to leave it where it is and enjoy the new sniffs we found!

See you tomorrow and a big woof to you all!