Sunday, 22 February 2015

A Lazy Day Today!

Greetings Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here.

It was cold this morning, there was ice all over the windows of the car. Old Two Legs spent ages scraping it all off!

When we got down to The Beach there were frozen puddles all over the place.

Pretty but very slippy!

Down on the beach we could see where the tide had come up to at the last High Tide.

We decided to have a game of chase but couldn't decide who was first to 'Go'!

No! You Go First!
Brambles and Snowflake had a super time diving in and out of the grass looking for Stoats and Weasels. They had just as much success as Holly has had finding rabbits!

I just 'Love' having a good Ferret around in the grass!
There was a noise and guess who crashed through the grass?

It was Bryn! He had been out with Max & Oscar but had held back, just to say hello to us all!

Yo Girlie's!
Back home OTL was back to working making stuff, so Holly and I used the time to have our normal snooze  in OTL's office.

I woke up again around eleven forty five and decided that it was time for our lunchtime wander along the beach.

I jumped up onto OTL's lap and gave his nose a good licking and then looked deep into his eyes.

He got the message!

The tide was on it's way in but it wouldn't be high tide until eleven minutes past three so Holly and I decided a stroll along the beach would be best.

Holly and I started by strolling along the Sea Wall enjoying the sniffs and OTL was down on the beach with the camera.

We didn't really take too much notice of where he was so it was a bit of a surprise when he poked his head up, camera in hand, and said 'BOO!'

Holly came along afterwards and I stood there to see if she got caught.


That OTL is getting too clever by half!

We heard a strange noise that seemed to be moving down the mud flats just off shore, then, around the corner came.....................four Hovercraft!

Now, it's not often we see Hovercraft on the mud and to see four all together was a sight to see!

A Sunday Morning Drive on The Mud!
We were wondering what the Wormy men would say but today they had all gone home before the Hovercraft arrived.

Back home there was all doom and gloom. The Missus started of with the famous quotation.

'We have a Serious Problem' !

Now, that could mean, there is water flooding the house or the cooker has caught alight again, or someone has driven a car through the back wall or the laptop computer is pouring smoke out the DVD slot or maybe her left leg has dropped off and upset the Glitter Pot!

You know, the sort of problem you get nightmares about!

Now TM sometimes does suffer from an 'Over Dramatic' view of the problem.

What ever it is that is the problem, it normally means OTL has got money to pay out!

This 'Problem' is no different!

The fridge in the kitchen somehow has stopped being a fridge and turned into a Freezer!

Our carrots were like steel rods, the ferrets milk had icebergs floating on top and the chicken TM cooked yesterday was like a rock!

Our Lambs Heart dinner was like a kerb stone as well!

OTL, being a 'Careful' sort of Two Legs, decided to turn the thermostat down to 'One' and see what happens. We reckon that he will be ordering a new fridge tomorrow.

OTL says that in years gone past he might have just replaced the thermostat but nowadays it is all sealed up and getting to the part would be real pain and getting an engineer in might end up costing nearly as much as a new fridge!

So, it looks like we got a new fridge arriving in a week or so!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles