Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Wet Damp and we get a Rawhide Chew!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma here!

Wot a dismal day! It has been grey and cloudy and every time we stick our noses out the door, it was raining!

This morning Old Two Legs got the ferrets ready to go out but at the last moment let them out of the travelling cage to go back to sleep! He said it was not the sort of weather the ferrets would enjoy and instead he let them out for an extra long rampage around the house.

We, on the other paw had to go walkies and when we got there it didn't look very exciting!

In fact it looked terrible!

We've seen better mornings!
OTL said we were a couple of Dismal Dora's' and we should look for something cheerful and uplifting!

So we did, Holly found this we sea weed that looked like it had diamonds hanging from the fronds!

Wet Sea Weed
Back home we found that Fred still hasn't got the hang of the Poo Pot yet and left another job for OTL to work on!

May and April had fun chasing each other and OTL around until they got put back in the cage again. May was still throwing a strop when OTL let Fred and Wilma out for a wander around the office.

While OTL was wandering back and forward Fred got out of the office for a wander, with OTL's permission, and investigated The Missus's card store room, then the bathroom and finally OTL's bedroom where he sat for a while looking out the window!

He also got half way down the stairs before OTL picked him up and headed back to the office!

Wilma managed to give OTL a couple of nips but they were 'Fun' nips and it didn't stop her getting a slurp of Ferretone from OTL!

Lunchtime it was still raining, so the ferrets stayed tucked up in bed while Holly and I had to brave the howling gales!

We met up with The Lads and managed to mug a tit-bit before carrying on with the walk.

I need a nibble 'cos I'm hungry!
Then we met up with Darcie who just loves OTL and she left her paw marks on his jacket when she jumped up to lick his nose!

She got told off for jumping up and OTL said it was OK 'cos he likes Darcie 'cos she is such a friendly woofer!

but he Likes his nose being licked!
 A bit further on we met up with a new woofer called George, who is a sort of Lurcher Type.

Now, his Two Legs was sitting on the bench with Georges Ball under his paw and of course if you got his ball, you got his attention!

Holly and I decided that it was the perfect opportunity to do wot all doggies do.

Have a sniff!
..........are they allowed to do this?
We didn't hang about 'cos OTL was marching off down to the beach where the 'Half Boat' was showing signs of disintegrating even further!

Not long now!
We saw a funny sight as we headed back to the car, there, at the top of the trees, hanging on for dear life, was this TL!

He looked so funny with a paw on each tree!

OTL said he was a Tree Surgeon, a sort of Tree Vet, who was 'Tidying up' the trees.

It's a Tree Vet
Well, all I can say is that I'm glad our vet just stabs us and doesn't do what the Tree Vet does, he chops bits off the tree! 

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma