Friday, 5 April 2013

What a Day!

Hi Ho Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake back with you again!

After yesterdays blog we see we will have to get Old Two Legs to do more video!

Mind you, after last night he may take a bit of persuading!

You see, OTL had a very early appointment in the morning, like quarter to seven! So he planned to get up early, take us for a walk and then off he would go.

Things didn't go all to plan, you see, we went to bed a bit earlier than normal but I got a 'Funny Tummy' and had to wake him up at one thirty to go out in the garden, then again at two forty five. Around three thirty, Holly spotted a fox in our garden and started the 'Puppy Patrol Woof', that's the 'Loud, Excited and Ferocious Woof' we reserve for Wolves and Foxes!

Then after all that, OTL's alarm went off at four forty five and he had to get up, which was OK 'cos no one could sleep 'cos Snowflake was bashing her feeding bowl around Snowy Heights 'cos she had eaten all her 'Ferret Nuggets' and wanted some more!

OTL didn't get much sleep and our early morning walk at five fifteen was a bit cold, dark and windy!

Back home we snuggled back down to a sleep when OTL left at six fifteen!

He came at ten thirty and after saying 'Hello' we were off for another walk along The Sea Wall.

It was still cold and windy and snowy!

...and now snow!

 We spotted some workmen up on the hill digging up the earth, not sure what they are doing, maybe some more seats so OTL can sit down half way around the walk!

Wot are they doing? Digging for rabbits?
OTL saw a Black Headed Gull hovering just above the waves looking for food, he said it looked like a helicopter hovering before landing!

Under Carriage Down!
After the walk, instead of going home, OTL took us down to the Poodle Parlour!

We were going to get washed!

I won't bore you with the details but it was wet, drafty and most undignified for a couple of sophisticated puppies like wot we are!

We were glad to be home again and we soon crashed out to catch up on our snoozing!

It is possible that OTL will go to bed early tonight, so we will have to give him a cuddle to help him sleep!

Thank you all for the kind words about yesterdays blog, yes, OTL is a 'Wheezer' when he starts running about, but that's because he is so old! 

Now, you should know that we don't actually carry the cameras, we have 'Trained 'Gofer's' to do all that, we're too posh stars to be bothered with all that stuff!

We will try to get more video of Snowflake 'cos she can be a bit of a 'Star' all on her own and the last time she was let out she was dancing and chuckling away to herself 'cos she is so happy to get out for a run!

As tomorrow is Saturday, we may get OTL to try capturing Snowflake doing more dancing and chuckling!

Bye, bye for now!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake (AKA Chuckles!)