Sunday, 1 June 2014

Rabbits, Coastguards and Surfing Today!

Hello Woofers!

It's Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

Wot a wonderful Sunday! We were up good and early, about four, this morning 'cos we heard a noise outside the window and we just had to let off a few 'Guard Dog Woofs', just to let Old Two Legs and The Missus know we are doing our duty!

First thing it was a little cloudy but it was good and warm, so that means that the ferrets didn't want to stay in the Ferret Bag but rather wanted to get out for a walk.

Now that was OK by Holly and me 'cos as we turned into the grassy bit I spotted a couple of rabbits and I was in between where they were chewing on some grass and where they wanted to be if any dogs came chasing them!

That was It!

Holly and I were after them like a flash. I was doing my Wabbit Woofing War Cry! OTL describes it as a Woofing Yelp and together with me bouncing up in the air, (just so I can see where they are), Holly and I spent a good ten minutes chasing around after these rabbits!

In the end they sort of 'dissapeared', so OTL had to pick up the ferrets then come back and put us on our leads!

Mind you, it was fun while it lasted!

Holly was all fired up and kept on running around calling out 'Here Comes Super Dog'!

Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane? No! It's Super Dog!
 While we went for a run on the beach OTL was down on his knees taking a picture of the Goats Beard again. We reckon he is going to print off a few and glue them to the weeds and pretend he has grown them!

Goats Beard ready for printing!
 It was good fun on the beach and both ferrets had a little dig then headed back to the Sea Wall, Mr Brambles was busy sniffing his way along the wall and at one point reckons he found a Nargle down one of the cracks in the blocks!

Get a Load Of This!
 Miss Snowflake found a very interesting sniff and was rolling about in it. She said she was doing the 'Doggy Roll' and even managed to waggle her legs in the air, just like Holly and I do!

This is a Doggy Roll!
 As we headed back to the car Miss Snowflake found an empty box on the ground and told us how some Two Legs stick the things in their mouths and then set light to it!

Holly asked 'why?' but we couldn't think of a good reason except that maybe they were in need of some worming tablets!

I've seen them set fire to the things, honest!
 Back at the car park we found that the Coast Guard had turned up for an exercise in Mud Rescue Techniques but they were doing it on dry land instead of getting muddy off shore!

Holly said that she would offer me up as someone who needs to be rescued from the mud but OTL told her to 'Get in the Car' and stop winding me up! 

No Cliffs but plenty of mud!
 OTL found another Goats Beard and was trying to show us the workings of a flower but all we did was listen to him sneezing!

He does suffer with his Hay Fever!

It's the Yellow Bits that get up your nose!
 Back home there was Chicken waiting for us followed by a snooze up in OTL's office!

Lunchtime we were back down on the beach and as the tide was in and as the water was warm, I just had to have a swim!

OTL found this enormous branch that was just right for me to swim out to it and fetch it back!

We had great fun, him throwing it and me swimming after it!

Surfing In on a Wave!
 Needless to say, Holly didn't even get her paws wet!

 Heading back to the car for a rub down with one of our towels, we noticed some stuff on the plants and asked what it was. OTL said that it was called Cuckoo Spit but wasn't really Cuckoo Spit 'cos Cuckoo's don't spit!

Cuckoo spit is a white frothy liquid secreted by the nymphs of a sap-sucking insect known as a Froghopper!

Now, you know OTL, as soon as he had told us about the Cuckoo Spit, he had an idea that he would keep his eye open for a Froghopper and photograph it!

It's a bit of Cuckoo Spit under the flower heads!
 Holly said we should let him get on with it and be thankful that elephants don't fly!

I suppose we should be thankful for small mercies!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.