Sunday, 29 May 2011

Saturday down on The Farm

Hello All,

We're here again!

It's been a fun day today, we've been helping Old Two Legs take a load of stuff down the council dump and of course after the visit, what was near? Yes, it's The Farm!

We got all excited and couldn't wait to get out the car, we started woofing and scrabbling to get out. Somehow I managed to dial home on the car telephone and we got OLT saying no one was in and leave a message, so we did, we all blew raspberries!

Finally we all fell out of the car and raced off to the woods.

To the Woods!
There were great sniffs and Holly reckons she found a Badgers scent wafting through the bushes but we couldn't find the badger anywhere and we both had a very long look, in fact so long that OTL was getting all steamed up, jumping up and down and whistling for us, Gawd! It really spoils the fun of the chase when he calls us back!

Back from 'The Chase'!
So, this time we didn't get lost 'cos OTL is keeping is eye on us!

When we turned right to go over a railway bridge, he called us back! He's getting just too bossy!
A Bridge Too Far
We ran off down the hill and bumped into a couple of walkers who were climbing up the path, Holly woofed and I joined, just to help her out, then we ran past them and rushed off laughing!

Woofing at the Walkers
Well, we laughed all the way back to the car.

Laughing on the way back!

Then we sang songs in the car, all the way back home, and on the way I called The Missus on the car phone to let her know we were on our way and to get dinner ready!

She said I was a 'Bossy Little Puppy' and she was going to sell us to the Dogs Home for tuppence when I got home.

I didn't believe her, well, who as going to wake her up in the morning if we're not there?

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly (Badger Hunter & Chief Raspberry Blower!)