Thursday, 6 October 2016

Freddy gets into Trouble, sort of!

Hello Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret!

It is getting rather windy down this end of the world and it seems that the wind in coming from Scandinavia!

It certainly is bringing a load of cloud with it. Mind you, that means there are some super sun beam pictures!

Looking towards Grain.
When we got to the beach it had all changed again!  Old Two Legs waited a while and took this one but really, I prefer the view from just outside the village!

Sun Beams over the Isle of Sheppy!
 There were a load of sniffs on the grass path and Miss May was getting as excited as Holly and I and May even got to have a roll in one of them!

Wow! These are just great!
Back home The Missus had gone out so we had the house to ourselves. It was good fun having a chase around and May did some serious 'Biscuit Nicking!'

When it was Fred and Wendy's turn to rampage, Freddy got into serious trouble!

He found a plastic shopping bag full of sponge ball thingy things that TM uses in her crafting game. She sort of splodges ink and paint and other stuff all over bits of paper and makes a right mess of it all.

Well, Freddy found this bag full of sponge thingy things and had a great time diving into the bag, grabbing hold of one, reversing out of the bag and then throwing the sponge thingy over his shoulder and diving back into the bag again.

There were loads of these sponge thingy things and they were scattered all over the floor!

OTL had to pick them all up but as he was putting them back in the bag, Freddy was pulling them out again!

Freddy got the 'Warning Finger Waggle' and OTL had to put the bag up on TM's desk, out of Freddy's reach!

We had a couple of deliveries to make before lunch time but after that we headed for the beach again.

It was still blowing a gale on the beach so we didn't hang about too long.

Fred and Wendy dug a small hole but because we didn't have a ball to bury they lost interest and chased after OTL up the beach to the grass path!

It really isn't a good hole without a ball to bury!
 I found a dead crab on the beach and just had to have a roll!

I rather like the sniff of dead crab, it reminds me of the sea side!

Oooooooo! This is Super!
Back home OTL cooked up some chicken bits for us and as they were warm and greasy they slipped down a treat!

I'm not sure what OTL has for dinner tonight but you can be sure we will help him eat it!

Now, we didn't know Michael had a blog, his last one on Blogspot was never updated. Has he got it located somewhere we can see it?

Don't say Face Ache 'cos we don't do Face Ache but if he has a blog we can see, that would be fun!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret (Ole' Sponge Pants!)