Saturday, 2 January 2016

Famous? OTL?

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma back again!

We were glad to read that Nipper and Archie Babe patrol the garden together and it's good to know that Archie has someone to look after him when it's dark!

Hairyplanes flying over your house? We reckon that Izzy and Hamish are very brave putting up with that! When ever we have been flown over by those jet things, Old Two Legs is normally driving and thinks that some big vehicle is skidding down the road towards him and he goes into panic mode looking for the offending monster!

When he realises that it is a jet, he mumbles all manner of curses upon its 'After Burners'! You see, down here we are just not used to such things!

After yesterdays pictures of the sunrise OTL was showing off a bit about how good they were and decided that we could share his pictures with another audience.

What he has done is to join the Weather Watchers on the BBC. What you do is to log in and tell them what the weather is like where you are and you can upload a picture to prove it!

OTL has logged in as Ferret Man 'cos he said that they might not like it if he called himself a Woofer Man! Dunno why, it is OK by us!

So, the picture for today is:-

Cloudy, Damp and Windy.
 OK, so it;s not so dramatic as yesterdays pictures but you can't have a sunrise lighting up the sky every morning!

OTL has had his photo on the TV before when the sea froze. He showed The Missus and she sent it off to the local TV people who used it on their weather forecast, only they said it was sent in by TM, not OTL, so she got the glory and OTL got the hump!

So, if you ever see a weather picture on the BBC Weather Program from 'Ferret Man', you know where it came from!

We met up with The Lads who agreed it was Cold, Wet and Windy!

Morning Lads!
May and April enjoyed a run along the Grass Path but OTL did have to pick April up for a little carry!

Not that worried May 'cos she was running almost all of the way back!

Unlike Freddy who spent a long time trying to convince OTL that he had a broken leg!

If I walk on it any more it will fall off! Honest!
He got picked up and carried for a little while OTL inspected Freddy.

That was it, Freddy was 'Sussed' again and he ended up having to walk almost all of the way to the car!

Now, because of the 'Slow Progress' Freddy was making, Holly Dog got a bit fed up with waiting and headed off towards the 'Bench on the Hill' to wait for OTL to catch up.

Along came another woofer and his Two Legs, 'Hello' he says, 'are you lost?'

With that, Holly was clipped onto the lead and marched back down the path to where OTL was slowly walking along with Fred & Wilma.

Holly was not happy and was mumbling all sorts of comments about being left alone to sit watching the world go by without being kidnapped!

OTL said it was good that we had people who were kind enough to worry that Holly was all on her own!

Holly didn't think it was fair that she had to walk all the way back up the hill again and she reckoned that the TL should have carried her back to where she was 'Kidnapped'!

No Chance!

We are off to finish off our Lambs Heart now, so, bye bye for now!


Daisy, Holly, (I'm not lost!) Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma.