Saturday, 31 December 2011

The Last Day!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

Did you know that today is the last day of the year? Now, does that mean that tomorrow we will all be one year older?

It sounds a bit 'Technical' as Old Two Legs would say. As long as we get our walks and meals we will leave that all to you lot!

Holly is still trying to get up into the air. This morning she ran all along the wall and kept jumping into the air but failed to take off!

That was until she fell off the wall, onto the beach. I suppose that was technically flying, but I didn't tell her that!

Getting up to Take Off Speed!
One day she will take off, but will she be able to land properly?

She soon forgot the flying lessons when we met up with Elmo again, he's the same age as us and enjoys a good run around and we had a good chase up and down the path.

Yo Elmo!
We showed him the new rabbit holes we had found and also a couple of rat holes!

On our way back we met up with a poodle called Mac, he had a thing about hats, according to his owners but we told him that OTL's hat was really part of his head and not to be worried!

That seemed to work and he ended up giving OTL a lick on the nose!

Is that a Hat?
Tonight, OTL is going to have a drink of his whisky to 'see the Old Year Out', I reckon that he will have some more just to see the New Year In!

We're going to help him with the shortbread!

So, we will be late going to bed and I think we will all be getting up a bit later tomorrow morning!

So bye bye for now and from Holly and Me,



Daisy & Holly