Sunday, 11 May 2014

Loading Up The Caravan!

Hi Woofers!

We're back again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Mr Brambles and Daisy!

What a busy day we've had today, first of all there was the 'Walkies' down on The Beach with the other Daisy doing what she does best, Pooing and chasing balls, but not at the same time!

The ferrets were playing their normal games on the way down to The Beach.

Are We There............?
Old Two Legs was trying to get all 'Arty' again!

Guess What?
 Down on The Beach OTL was throwing the ball and Daisy and I were chasing after it, of course, she won almost every time. Except the time she took her eye off the ball and she couldn't find it!

She was almost panicking, thinking it had got away and it took me to point out where it was!

You see, being crafty is better than being fast!

Where's me Ball? Where is it?
 I thought I'd have some fun and dug a hole in the sand and told Daisy that I knew a Super Trick I could do with the ball and all she had to do was place it at the bottom of my deep hole!

She was almost convinced but OTL spoilt it by calling her to him so he could throw the ball again!

'er, I know a good trick!
 Now, when Holly and I are out with OTL, we generally walk in front sniffing the sniffs and clearing the way ahead of Monsters and Nargles. Not Daisy, she keeps 'Sweeping' from side to side, sniffing and snuffling at every sniff she can find. This means that she takes far too long to cover a short distance!

There are times when Holly and I just have sit down and wait for her to catch up! You know, we reckon that the ferrets are quicker in a straight line than her!

Oh No! Just what is she doing now? It'll be Christmas before she is finished!

Lunch time Daisy's owners were back so we had OTL to ourselves. There were a group of Two Legs sitting on the Sea Wall and they wanted to stroke us, Holly was having none of that, and told them straight.......

No Food........No Strokes!
 I also had fun chasing the ball that Daisy had brought with her, except, Daisy wasn't with us, so I had it all to myself!

Come on........Jus' Throw It!
 Early to bed tonight and off tomorrow as early as we can!

Now, remember, Broad Band Access is very dodgy on the way up to the Isle of Mull, so, if you don't hear from us tomorrow, don't panic, we will give you a double helping on Tuesday, providing we can find a signal!

Bye bye for now!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.