Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Windy Monday!

A Happy Monday to you all!

Daisy & Holly here again.

Old Two Legs was still struggling to get out of bed this morning, you know, even after we jumped on the bed and gave his ears a good licking, he was still moaning about his back!

We had chicken for breakfast this morning, it was lovely. The Missus cooked it for us first thing, but the wait for it to cool down was sooo long, well it seemed like that to us!

OTL has been working in his office today and we have been keeping guard down stairs ready to bark at the postman or anyone else who passes the front of the house!

It was very hard to keep awake with our tummies full of chicken, but we try!

One of us stands guard while the other has a snooze, then,, when it gets too much to stay awake, the sleeper is woken up and the guard goes to sleep. Sometimes it all gets confusing and we are both awake guarding or both asleep snoozing.

Guard Duty!
This guard dog business is not as easy as you may think!

Lunch time came and went before OTL said he was taking us out, this time he said he was going down to the beach because the tide was almost in. Off we went in the car and we woofed our way to the beach car park. 

OTL was almost right, the sea had come right up the beach and we only had the sea shells to run on, or the sea wall. That was OK with us, we can run anywhere!

Running on the beach
  Mind you, we nearly got into deep water. We were just about to jump over the breakwater when I noticed there was no beach on the other side! We had done that before at Leysdown and ended up very wet puppies!

Who nicked the beach?
A bit further along the beach Holly suggested we go for a swim! She said that we should both race into the water together..................................She must think I'm stupid or something!

Last one in is a wimp!
All she got from me was a Raspberry!

Raspberries to you!
She will have to wait until it gets warmer for me to have a swim or a paddle in the sea and I will want to take OTL with me for safety!

See you tomorrow,

Luv  Daisy & Holly