Saturday, 31 August 2013

Sea, Sand, Swimming and Digging Holes!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

Wot a Day!

It started off with Old Two Legs getting up at least an hour earlier than normal, which is very unusual!

Our walk along the Sea Wall was good and the ferrets spent too long digging holes!

The temperature was a bit low and Miss Snowflake didn't want to get down from OTL's arms to be gin with!

The sun shone through the clouds onto a small sailing boat in the estuary, all very pretty!

White Sails in the Sunrise!
Back we went and while we were having breakfast OTL sneaked out and went to pick up Sassy and Tilly!

When they arrived we had a game in the garden and The Missus put together a big picnic spread and packed it all up in the 'Cool Bag'!

Next stop Minnis Bay!

Minnis Bay is super, loads of sand all over the place and loads of beach to run on!

We started off by having a picnic first, TM found a shelter and laid out the picnic on the shelter seat, all very posh looking it was!

Posh Meal
We all sat down and had a good feast!

and now a drink!
After the picnic we headed off to the Beach!

I found this great big puddle that was wet and warm! I had a good deep paddle and cooled off all my bits and OTL was even throwing the ball in for me to fetch!

There's Paddling and there is Deep Paddling!
We ran and chased and woofed and rolled on the sand then we dug some holes and then after all that, we had a paddle and started all over again!

Tilly said she was feeling a bit cold 'cos the wind was blowing in off the sea, so OTL gave her his fleece to put on.

Obi-Wan Kenobi?
We went back to the car and OTL had this brilliant idea that everyone thought was wonderful.

A Mr Whippy Ice Cream!

Mr Whippy Cone for two!
Of course, lessons have to be learnt, like, You Have to Eat It Fast!

It's running down my fingers!
All in all we had a great time and on the way back everyone fell asleep, except OTL who had to drive!

So, now we are all tired little puppies and everyone has decided to have an early night, except OTL who says he is going to have a slurp and some shortbread.

It's a sort of 'Good Bye' to being a pig and to try to loose some weight. That's the reason that tomorrow, he is going to collect a rowing machine he purchased on eBay.

Now this should be a laugh!

How long before he sells it?

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles

Friday, 30 August 2013

Don't we look Good!

Yo Ho Woofers!

We're back again!

Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Did we have a scare last night! There we were, fast asleep, snoozing for all we were worth. Both Holly and I had crept up onto the bed and were sleeping with out heads on Old Two Legs feet when, all of a sudden, and in a very LOUD VOICE, OTL sat up and yelled!

It sort of sounded like  Yaaaagh!

Well, you can imagine what happened next, Holly and I leaped about six feet up in the air and crashed down onto the floor!

'What the????????' says Holly 'Are there Burglars about?'

I said we should look out for Monsters.

Then OTL, just flopped back down onto the pillow and carried on snoring

He was having a dream again! Holly said we should get back onto the bed 'cos that's the safest place to be when he is dreaming 'cos he might fall out of bed again and land on us!

I said that I had a better idea, and we both jumped onto his pillow and proceeded to give him a big 'Wake Up' lick on his little bald head!

Well, he didn't wake up and in the end we decided to go back to sleep, keeping one eye open in case he jumps up again!

Down on the beach this morning both ferrets were into digging holes again and I even stopped by to pass comment on the construction!

OK, Stand by for Inspection!
As the tide was in I decided to have a paddle, just to cool off a bit, you know, Holly actually walked into the water and got her paws wet!

I could almost fancy a swim!
OTL spotted a couple of Pigeon/Dove/White Collared Dove type birds having a snooze on the beach and they didn't move at all as OTL and the ferrets got closer and closer!

Daft Birds nearly got a Ferret Cuddle!
It was only when Snowflake got just too close that they flew off!

Daft Birds!

Back to the car and off to our appointment with the Poodle Parlour!

Now, this is what I looked like before I went in.

Just a little off the back?

At three thirty when OTL came to pick us up, this is what we looked like!

Are we the dogs Doo Dahs or WOT?

Now, you don't get any better than that!

We are off to get out dinner now, also we will mug OTL 'cos he likes being mugged!

See you tomorrow when we will tell you about our dance on the beach!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Busy Busy Day!

Hi Woofers!

We're back, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

You get days when it all starts of slow and restful, then, all of a sudden it seems the world descends on you!

We had one of those days today!

It started when we jumped up on the bed this morning and gave Old Two Legs a 'Good Morning' lick on his head!

Before long we had landed down on the Sea Wall for our morning walk. Mr Brambles was soon digging holes while Miss Snowflake told OTL to 'Walk Slower and not wake her up'!

By the time we got back to the car Mr Brambles was dying of thirst and nearly drunk all the water before Snowflake got to it!

Oh, Glug Glug, Heaven!
Back home we were enjoying our breakfast when the telephone started to ring and that was it, we didn't see OTL again until it was time for our 'Lunch Time Walk'!

Poor OTL, he says he is supposed to be semi retired but the poor lad keeps sitting in the office! You would have thought that he had got rid of the computer and all the other stuff that gives him work and spent all day with us, just enjoying life!

The lunchtime walk was a bit slower than normal. OTL was chasing Bumblebees and Butterflies and Dragonflies!

Standing Guard!
Not that he got any prize winning photos, but it helped by taking his mind of work!

Another Busy Bee!
Holly and I were still getting hot and every shady spot we would collapse onto the ground and wait for OTL to arrive before getting up again!

Shift Over Sis, My Tails Getting Sun-burnt!
It was good to get back home and just lay in the shade listening to the water fountain burble away in the pond!

OTL was still working away but as Holly says, 'He could always join us on the patio!'

Tomorrow it's Hair Cutting time, and I must admit, I'm looking forward to getting rid of some of this hair!

I'm not too fond of the washing and blow drying but I'll put up with it this time while the weather is so hot!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

A Treat For Us!

Hello Woofers!

We are here again, Daisy, Holly Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

You know, there are times when you get a treat and it is just Soooo Goood!

Let me tell you about it.

We started off this morning in our normal fashion, I jump up on the bed and give Old Two Legs a 'Good Morning' lick to get him into gear!

The ferrets were playing in their 'Snowy Heights' home and making a terrible noise rattling the cage door 'cos they wanted their morning slurp of Ferretone!

In the end OTL got up, showered and got his boots on!

We headed off to the Sea Wall where Miss Snowflake stayed wrapped up in OTL's arms while Mr Brambles had a run and a dig on the pathway heading up to the top of the hill.

On the way we met up with Bryn, who we have met before and after a quick 'Hello' he started to take an interest in Mr Brambles who by now was up in OTL's arms keeping out of Bryn's way!

Hey! What do Ferrets taste like?
'OK', says Mr Brambles 'Put me down, please, I need to have a word with Bryn!'

Well, we all looked on as Mr Brambles stood in the middle of the path and waited for Bryn to get closer, and closer he got. In fact he got so close that Mr Brambles jumped forward and hit him on his nose!

We have never seen Bryn move so fast, he went backwards so quickly that he got a 'Mud Burn' on his tail!

We all had a laugh about that and Mr Brambles said that 'We have had our words now, he'll be no further trouble'!

And he wasn't!

Mr Brambles went jogging off and Bryn stayed on the other side of the path, keeping a careful eye on where Mr Brambles was!

Holly and me were Seriously Impressed!

Down on the beach, Mr Brambles decided that he would try his hand at Ditch Digging and proceeded to dig a hole but run backwards at the same time!

I'll change my name to Murphy and go into business digging holes!
 Both the ferrets were jumping about and playing, first Snowflake bit Mr Brambles on the butt, then he nipped her behind the ears and so it went on!

Gotcha Again!
 Back home we had a big bowl of chicken waiting for us which I don't mind admitting, went down a treat!

OTL went off to do his work up in the office so Holly and I settled down for a snooze, but Holly suddenly said, 'We haven't had a chew for ages!'

Off she went and stood behind OTL and woofed, one of her 'I Want Something' woofs!

OTL, being aware of the different woofs we use, turned around and asked Holly what she wants.

Now that's a bit daft 'cos we can't speak Two Legs, we just have to sort of woof and then go to what is wrong or what we want. You know, back door equals wee time or front door means walkies!

Well, OTL followed Holly down stairs and into the kitchen and she sat in front of the 'Goody Cupboard'. Now, it doesn't take a genius to work out what Holly wanted and before long the pack of chews appeared and was being opened by OTL.

Mmmmmmmmm! You could sniff these chews a mile off and pretty soon I was there, standing behind Holly and watching OTL open the pack!

Joy oh Joy! We both grabbed the chews from OTL and rushed off to have a very pleasant gnaw!

You know, there are days when just a little thing causes so much pleasure!

We spent some time having a chew then sort of fell asleep until something told me it was lunch time!

A quick woof at OTL and we were off down to the Sea Wall again. OTL spotted another butterfly sheltering from the stiff breeze blowing in off the sea.

OK, what is it?
 There you go, your starter for ten! I'll give you a hint, you have seen it before on here!

Holly wasn't too happy about the heat, she said that it was just too hot for her and at every shady spot she just had to stop for a while in the shade. You know, she was even walking behind and to the side of OTL 'cos that means she can walk in his shadow!

Roll on Friday!
 We are off to have a rest by the side of the pond so bye bye for now!


Daisy, Holly (Hot), Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles (Asleep)!

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

OTL tries to Fly!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

What a fun day today! We started off by Holly wanting a wee at about three this morning, so Old Two Legs was summoned to the back door and we both had a wander around the garden!

OTL was falling asleep by the back door and didn't see us wander back in and stayed down stairs while we pinched his sleeping place on the bed!

Just lately OTL has been trying the ferrets out with some Lactose free milk and some Goats milk. You see, the ferrets just love milk but the normal semi skimmed milk OTL has on his Wheaty Bangs doesn't agree with their digestive system and causes them to do 'Projectile Pooing'!

So OTL got some Lactose Free and Goats milk to see what works out the best.

The Lactose Free went down a treat and the 'PP' stopped, success!

Then he tried the Goats Milk, not such a big hit with Snowflake, who had a slurp and left the rest. Mr Brambles, being a bit of a Guzzle Guts, drank not only his but finished off Snowflakes milk as well.

Unfortunately, Goats milk doesn't stop the 'PP' like wot Lactose Free does, so there is Snowflake, out on our morning run, having a small dose of the 'PP'.

When we get home, Mr Brambles gets the 'Rumbles In The Tum' and does a bit of 'PP' down the side of OTL's filing cabinet!

OTL not happy about having to move all the cabinets, just to clear up Mr Brambles 'PP'!

This morning, both of the ferrets had the 'Pickle' in them and were jumping around while OTL cleared out their cage, then did the same on our walk, nipping each other and trying to nip us as well!

Gottcha Back! So There!
 Holly and I decided that staying off the beach would be the best option, lets face it, who wants a ferret biting your tail!

No, I'm Staying Up Here!
 They both started digging, Mr Brambles was the most prolific hole digger!

My Hole, so find your own!
 Every time we looked, he was starting on a new hole and at one time his head was under the sand and shells and he was sniffin like mad!

This is going to be a deep hole!
 Holly kept a watch from on top of the Sea Wall and kept me informed of their antics while I had a sniff in the grass!
I don't believe these two!
Back home, while OTL was doing his 'De-Pooing' bit, Snowflake started to attack the cloth he was using. So, there they were, wipe, wipe, nip, nip, jump, jump, wipe, wipe!

Breakfast followed and after that a snooze while OTL went off to do some collecting of radio stuff for repairs.

When he got back, he plonked everything down and rushed to the garage to get out one of the ladders and he climbed up onto the roof!

Now we know that radio antennae work best high up in the air, but what was he going to do?

Holly reckons he wanted to see the ships go by and I thought he was pointing out where North was, but he could have done that from the ground!

Maybe he was going to take a run and try to fly off the roof?

Then out comes The Missus and says ' Hang On while I take a Photo for the insurance company'

I can Fly!
 Insurance? Wot has she got planned?

 I think he was just messing around and when he came back he said he had been doing a small repair to the roof to stop a small leak!

We were getting worried and Holly really thought he was trying to fly!

Down on the Sea Wall there were Bozo Two Legs sitting on the beach watching the mud dry. OTL was running around chasing butterflies but they kept seeing him coming and as he got close, off they went, a quick flutter of the wings and they're half a mile down the path.

A Common Blue about to take off!
Now this one is good, in fact OTL was quite pleased with it as he has not been able to get a photo of it before. It's called an Brown Argus and although not rare, it has eluded him for some time!

Brown Argus
 Back to the car 'cos we were getting a bit warm in the sun shine, we'll be glad to get a hair cut on Friday, if just to get cool again without jumping in the water!

OTL spotted this Bumble Bee and although it  didn't hang around to be identified properly, we think it looks good with the branch curling over the top forming a frame for the bee!

Arty or Wot!

Maybe a Buff Tailed Bumble Bee?
 Off we go now, dinner is about to be served and we don't want to miss out on mugging OTL!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles

Monday, 26 August 2013

Monday Fun with OTL.

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here with you again!

Now...........First things first.


The cheek of it!

Line Dancing Carrot Crunchers, indeed!

It was YOU who told Old Two Legs and The Missus about the carrots!

No rain this morning just a damp path, but that didn't stop us from having a good run around after the rabbits!

We even got the ferrets to join in, Mr Brambles stood at one rabbit hole and did his big 'Rabbit Scaring Growl' and Miss Snowflake gnashed her teeth 'cos that is always a good way of getting the rabbits to move!

In the end OTL got fed up with us all running around with no real results, so he called us all off to the beach where we all had a game of 'Hole Digging'!

The run back was good fun and Mr Brambles was running and doing his 'Ferret War Dance' while chasing Miss Snowflake!

Now he is getting some daily exercise, his running is improving no end, he looks just like Snowflake when he is running and his walking is getting better as well!

At home he has started to climb up the side of Snowy Heights which is at least five foot six inches tall!

Mind you, OTL is standing there with cupped hands ready to catch him but so far he hasn't fallen off, which is more than be said for OTL who was always falling off when he was doing his climbing!

When we went out first thing, we spotted a female Mallard duck under our caravan!

We gave it a woof and off it flew but when we came back, there in the garden was a Blackbird digging for worms right by the path and he didn't even move went we all walked past!

I think they are all getting to know that it's a safe place to be in our garden!

After breakfast we all fell asleep, even the ferrets were snoring their heads off while OTL cleared up their Poo Tray!

It's OK, that's only OTL banging the Poo Tray!
Holly said that she didn't really feel like going out just yet 'cos her tummy was too full!

Later, after we woke up, we found that TM had gone to bed 'cos she was 'Just Too Tired'!

More than likely it was too much giggle juice and too much staying up late!

So we let OTL off the 'Grand Adventure' and decided a run on the beach would be a good idea.

When we got down there we bumped into a couple of Two Legs sitting on the wall. Holly had a good sniff and decided there was no food, so they didn't even get a 'Hello'!

No Food, No Ice Cream? No Hello's!
 They were too busy looking at a couple of Thames Barges sailing past, well they weren't exactly sailing 'cos the were going against the wind and didn't have any sails up, so we reckon they both had engines!

Sailing Bye
 Holly decided that while every one was looking at the boats she would have a roll in a super sniff on the beach. I'd never seen her get so excited!

Roll on Baby!
 All this looking at the water was too much for me and before OTL could say anything I rushed into the water just to cool my bits off. It was all OK until a wave came along that lifted my paws off the bottom!

Whoops! That was Deep!
 Holly by now was sitting on the beach and laughing at me!

You're on your own Sis!
 I didn't mind 'cos OTL was there and would have pulled me out!

As we got to the top of the hill, there was a Bozo Two Legs that kept on saying to Holly, 'Come Here Little Doggy'!

Just how daft these Two Legs can be!

No Food, No Strokes!
 We are set for a restful evening, OTL will put on a DVD tonight and TM will fall asleep before it's finished!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles

Sunday, 25 August 2013

A quiet day after the excitement!

Hi Woofers!

We're here again!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

Well, to fill you in on last night. Off they went, all laughing and giggly and they left us at home!
It was most unfair, all we had was water, a few nibbly biscuits  and two bowls of Doggy Scoff!

We were not Happy Puppies!

It was about nine that Auntie Sheila came in and let us out into the garden for a sniff and a wee!

We think she is a wonderful Two Legs!

So, back to snoozing on the sofa, listening to the pond filling up with all the rain that was coming down.

Around midnight in they came, all burps and giggling, especially The Missus!

You know what? They didn't even bring home a doggy bag of goodies from their meal, they finished it all off, including the big chocolate wodge of goo and ice cream, we could smell it on their breath!

That was it, no cuddles for them last night!

This morning all the rain had gone and there was even a bit of sunshine! Mind you, we still had to jump over puddles on the path and the ferrets got lifted up a few times when it got too quaggy!

Down on the beach for a quick dig in the sand and back home to a chicken breakfast followed by a snooze.

We had to go upstairs for a snooze 'cos TM had the F1 racing on, it's so loud!

Lunch time we were out with OTL along the Sea Wall. We woofed at the rabbits and then decided to do a bit of 'Line Dancing' 'cos we hadn't done it for ages. It took a bit of practice but in the end we got the 'Kick' just right!

One, Two, Three, KICK!
We met up with some fishermen but they didn't have any food and hadn't caught any fish, so we didn't stay long sniffin their fishing gear!

No Food, No Fish, No Strokes!
 I got chased by a big Bozo Chocolate Labrador and her mate, a sort of Australian Blue Sheep Dog. Of course, both fell in love with OTL and stuck their wet noses in his ear!

Tarts, the pair of them!

OTL spotted a Gatekeeper and just had to have a couple of snaps, mind you, it looked like it had been in the wars!

Looking a bit weather beaten!
The wind was blowing a bit and being high tide and an on shore wind, there was loads of splashing of the waves!
A BIG Splash!
Then we spotted a what we think was a Grey Plover but we weren't sure and had to look it up in the book when we got home.

Is it......?

When we looked at the book we changed our mind and decided it was a Ringed Plover in eclipse. Now that's a Bird Spotter type of description of the state a bird gets in when it moults its feathers after the breeding season!

A Ringed Plover in Eclipse.
Now, Holly and I are booked into the Doggy Parlour next Friday for our 'Shampoo & Set' and Holly reckons that we are also 'In Eclipse' and I said that the only eclipsing Holly does is when she steps in front of the Sun or Moon 'cos she is so large she eclipses everything!

Holly in Eclipse Mode!
That's when the fight started!

OTL tells us that as it's Bank Holiday, we may go for a drive out tomorrow, so Holly and I are discussing the options and will let OTL know in the morning!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles

Saturday, 24 August 2013

A Wet Bank Holiday and a Load of Codds Wollop!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here again!

We got up a little later than normal this morning, that's 'cos we stayed up late last night. Well, we had loads of singing and laughing and running around the garden!

When we did get up and looked out of the window, it was raining!

You know, that's just not fair!

It stopped long enough for our morning walk, but the wet grass did it's best to give us a good wash!

We had a run on the beach and the ferrets played a game of 'King of The Castle' on one of the breakwater posts!

Gerroff! It's My Castle!
In the end it was Snowflake who shoved Mr Brambles off and claimed possession!

Mine all MINE!
 That was until we reminded her that she had to pay council tax on a castle and she decided to forgo the pleasure of becoming a house holder and stick with Snowy Heights in Old Two Legs office!

As the tide was out I spent some time mooching along the beach looking for interesting sniffs but the rain had washed most of them away!

Not much today!
 Snowflake said she had found a 'Super Sniff' but it turned out to be a pile of Sea Gull Poo!

It sniffs all Fishy!
 Holly said she was rather bored with it this morning, no interesting sniffs and too long waiting for OTL to move the ferrets along!

No Running, No Sniffs and it's raining
Holly doesn't do rain and it started to spit, so, that was it, back to the car for a rub down and back home to 'Doggy Scoff'!


Now, to add insult upon insult, they all went out leaving us at home! The lame excuse about dogs not being allowed into Rochester Cathedral or the local museum was a fabrication!

But leave us they did.

Mind you, it was absolutely bucketing down, so I don't think that we would have liked it too much, especially if we had to stay outside tied to the railings!  

Inside the cathedral OTL was snapping away in the Crypt!

A Quiet Spot in The Crypt
 Then he got fascinated with the arched ceilings.

Taken from ground level.
You could tell it took a long time to complete and at one spot you couldn't decide if it was going to fall over or they intended it to be wobbly!

Looks very wobbly to me!
Of course, The Missus just  had to visit the local craft supplies shop and in the end brought nothing and was late for church as well!

Naughty TM!

Late Again!
In the Museum they had a section on Dickens, of course, but it looked very Dark and Victorian, too gloomy for me!

But we did enjoy the bottle of Pop and the description.

What a Load of ............!

You didn't know that did you?
See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles